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Has anyone done role play in reality therapy. I am studying for my masters in counseling. i need some help in how to set up a role play for my class. there are two of us doing the role play. Are there a list of general queston you ask the subject a young man in late 20's who has depression, dysfuntinal family, unable to have female relationships, little relationship with father, overbearing mother, maybe sexual abuse, he would like to go on with his life


-- Kathleen Muldoon (, March 15, 2002


Hi Kathleen, It is not possible to answer your queation fully in this limited medium. At every stage of instruction from basic week to advanced instructor Reality therapy is taught through the medium of role play.All the cases in any of the case history books ('Reality therapy in Action', 'What are you doing',Choice theory in the practice of reality therapy.) will give you an insight into the method.[See book list on this website] The answer to the query by Tara Paras. 2001-10-30 on this board will also be of some help,I think. Wubboldings book on the use of Reality therapy is also very practical

-- Ken Lyons (, March 16, 2002.

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