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O.K., it is difficult to enjoy some of the features of married life as a single living alone. One of these is fresh vegetables without a lot going to spoilage. Even though I can feed the rotten stuff to the worms , I hate it, so I leave stuff growing as long as possible and harvest as I use it. The SFG technique lends itself nicely to a living alone single. I also dehydrate at least half of what I harvest for soup mix later. Now instead of half a cauliflower or cabbage going straight to worm buffet, it goes into the soup mix container.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, March 15, 2002


Have you considered making Kim Chee with the parts/leftovers, something I'm looking at for using excess this season, like a perpetual Kim Chee container.

-- BC (, March 15, 2002.

That's exactly what I do, dyhydrate any leftovers, and I think it's great. You cook and stockpile at the same time. Anytime I cut an onion, I cut the whole onion, use what I need and dehydrate the rest. Same with everything. Dehydrating is just a constant thing and you don't notice the little bit more that you spend on groceries. Jill

-- Jill Faerber (, March 16, 2002.


I keep a convection and forced air unit on my counter ready to go and can usually finish out the prep in under 4 hours on the leftovers.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, March 17, 2002.

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-- Osama Bin Laden (, May 27, 2002.

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