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I am curious. Has anyone sold "fertile" eggs on eggbay or somewhere similar? I have got tons of guinea and some duck eggs that I would like to place for sale there.

For my own use, I never worry about them being fertile, as the actual hatch out rate is near 100%. But if I am going to sell them, I want to make certain ~~ what do I need to do? And, is it reasonable to offer a guarantee on the fertility? And if I do, how do I go about confirming "fertility" vs the actual success/failure of the hatch-out?

Any information on this would be much appreciated! Thanks!

-- Wendy@GraceAcres (wjl7@hotmail.com), March 16, 2002


I don't think you could guarantee how the eggs are handled after they leave your hands. They may be exposed to extreme temperatures in the mail, they may be mishandled by the buyers, all affecting the hatchablilty.

I think you should state the successful fertility rate that YOU have with these eggs, but buying hatching eggs is... well.....You know the saying, NEVER COUNT YOUR CHICKENS BEFORE THEY HATCH!

-- Laura (Ladybugwrangler@hotmail.com), March 16, 2002.

Maybe you should go to the poultry forum at www.poultryconnection.com and ask there. There are a bunch of nice folks who do just what your wondering and have helped me w/ a couple of questions.

As for guinea eggs........I'd be interested in some myself to replace the ones the owls have picked off. email me.

-- John in S. IN (jdoofus@hotmail.com), March 16, 2002.

Im interested in Guine eggs,, Im wondering if its possible, to buy "almost"hatched eggs? Fertile but with only a week or so left to incubate?

-- Stan (sopal@net-port.com), March 16, 2002.

Wendy-- I sell a lot of fertile eggs locally-----I put up flyers at local feed stores & put an add in our local county paper---

You can't guarantee hatch---as they might not take the care you do---- or have the experience you do---

Stan /you can't sell almost ready to hatch eggs as once they are set you have to maintain heat & mositure /etc/etc/etc/--& how they were rotated--etc/etc/etc/etc/--is my feelings--

-- Sonda in Ks. (sgbruce@birch.net), March 17, 2002.

Wendy, it just so happens I'm in need of some fertile Guinea eggs. What type/s do you have available? Where are you located, how much do you want for each? E-mail me please.


-- PoePoe (rpd932@yahoo.com), March 18, 2002.

Thanks for all the info!

Laura, that makes sense. I will just offer the success in hatching that I have had ~~ I just hate the thought of someone paying (me)for something and then not being pleased with the purchase. Guess I'm more of a "finished product" type!! That way, there is no questions-- - you get exactly what you see!

John, good idea. I will visit poultryconnection and see what I can learn.

Stan, I think Sonda is right. Unless, you found someone VERY close to you.

Sonda, thanks for the idea! I will put up a few flyers around town.

"You can't guarantee hatch---as they might not take the care you do--- - or have the experience you do---" As Laura stated above, you both have me convinced. Thanks!

John, stan, PoePoe - Wow, thanks for the interest. I was amazed at the prices and interest in guinea eggs, when I checked eggbay. How about this? I will check with the post office today to find out the exact cost for shipping, insurance and confirmation, and let you know the price (it will be ACTUAL cost..) I have found on eggbay that for 12 eggs, the average price appears to be 1.65 per egg. For 6 eggs, the price averages about 2.10 per egg. So I was thinking that since it is you guys, and since I like ya' all so much-grinhow about 1.00 per egg?

Or, if you would rather, I will mail them to you and once you have hatched them out and are pleased with the hatch-out rate, you could pay the going price for the exact number of baby guineas that are alive and kicking? That way, I would not be fretting and worrying ~~ you only pay for what you get!

Whichever way you would feel most comfortable with, will work for me.

We have mostly Pearl, and a very few lavender. These guineas free- range and are VERY healthy. Also, several of them have hatched out their own clutch and so there is some "mothering" instinct being maintained. I would suspect the majority of those hatched out would be the Pearl color.

Well, I can't think of anything else. I will get those prices from the post office and post them here later today. And, I will find out about packaging them. Thanks John, for the info on that!

-- Wendy@GraceAcres (wjl7@hotmail.com), March 18, 2002.

See how much it costs to E-MAIL some eggs! ;-)

-- John in S. IN (jdoofus@hotmail.com), March 18, 2002.

Okay, I have been doing my homework. John, just for you and TODAY only, to email the eggs, will be a mere $2,424.00. This is SUCH a deal!! But, you MUST act NOW!

Actually, I took the eggs (somewhat) packaged, up to the Post Office. For Priority (2-3 days) it will be around $6.00 - 8.00, depending on location. On Express shipping, the best they would guarantee is 2 days and the cost was about $18.00 - 19.00. Both include insurance for $20.00. So Priority seems to be the way to go. I will be getting the bubble wrap and such tonight. So, let me know ~~ Wendy

-- Wendy@GraceAcres (wjl7@hotmail.com), March 18, 2002.

No problem. You will take a check of course?

-- John in S. IN (jdoofus@hotmail.com), March 18, 2002.

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