Swimming in milk! Solutions sought

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Four does and one me is too much for just a single person! I have and will continue to give milk to folks from my church, but I need to get more ideas on using it. I have made a bunch of queso blanco because it is fast....but can I freeze it? Other cheeses? I seem to recall something about canning mozzarella but can't find that info. I'm working on butter as well. Soap just doesn't rquire too much and I have plenty of that although I could use some more recipes...More ideas? Thanks!

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), March 16, 2002


Yes, you CAN freeze cheese. How about waxing and aging? I had friends that would roll their cream cheese in in cheesecloth in the shape of a sausage and dry it on the clothesline and use it like parmasan.


just in case you don't have this site yet

-- Laura (LadybugWrangler@somewhere.com), March 16, 2002.

Cheese freezes very well. I do that when I can make cheese. which is rare as we have no goats/cows. Relish in your fortune... LOL

-- Kristean Thompson (pigalena_babe@yahoo.com), March 16, 2002.

Thanks Laura, I had that link at one time and it discappeared on me. I don't mean to rub it in...it's just a lot of milk and although I feed my other critters with it, they can't live on milk alone! Funny thing...ever ponder upon honey and milk being the only things created purely as food???hmmm.

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), March 16, 2002.

My father is sitting next to me and he says---feed it to the hog. I guess during the depression they skimmed off the cream and sold it--than fed the rest to the hogs. Just a suggestion.

-- Joel Rosen (JoelnBecky@webtv.net), March 17, 2002.

Make bulk yoghurt, add some grain if you have it. Then feed it to the hog.

-- john hill (john@cnd.co.nz), March 17, 2002.

Glenda Heywood of the National Poultry news recomends yogurt as one of the ingredients of her chicken feed blend. Don't have the web addy handy. Look up at Google and it comes up easy.

-- John in S. IN (jdoofus@hotmail.com), March 17, 2002.

get a pig. If you want something to truely show appreciation for your excess, a pig is it. We used to have over a gallon of goat milk left over daily and our treat was watching the pigs enjoy it.

-- jz (oz49us@yahoo.com), March 18, 2002.

Folks, a pig is out of the question. I'm a veg, and pigs creep me out anyway. I think I'll put up some signs about goat milk for animal consumption and see what transpires. Thanks for your ideas! Wish some of you pig folks were close and I'd help you out with some extra milk!!!

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), March 19, 2002.

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