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I know vaccines can cause reactions in most animals (and humans). Our cat had a vacc. lump for about 3 months that gradually went away. However, we have vaccinated about 14 goats so far this year with BarVac CD&T. Only two (that I've noticed so far) have lumps. I know it's from the vaccines because I always vaccinate over the right shoulder. One of the goats has a typical skin lump while the other one has an irritated lump & the hair is thinner over it. We vaccinated these two about 2wks ago. I recall the one with the worst lump squirming around a lot while my hubby held him still. Maybe this is why his looks so bad? Anyway, I didn't mean to write a book.... Just want to know how to best prevent these lumps, what has been your experiences, and how long before they go away?

-- Sharon in AL (, March 16, 2002


Two of my does did that last year. The one abscessed with it. CD& T...Vision, I beleive. It indicates that the vaccine is having a strong effect. The one that abscessed did it again this year. I just squeezed it out and put some peroxide on it for a few days. It cleared up just fine. Kind of scary, but I think it just happens to some.

On there is a bitt about vaccine lumps and bumps. Some of them stay permanently. She suggests sub q for all vaccines as that tends to cause less permanent lumpiness.

-- Doreen (, March 17, 2002.

I had two does who kept vaccine lumps for several months. So maybe yours are a similar experience. Also, how bout injecting in the rib cage behind the elbow?

-- Lynn (, March 17, 2002.

Lynn, as vaccination sites go I've always heard & given all SQ injections either over a shoulder or over a hip. Most injection charts show that these are the best places to give them. Also as a good habit you should always use the same area on all goats for giving vaccines so if something happens you know what caused it. When giving repeat injections of antibiotics and such I typically would rotate sides: 1st day right hip area, next left, next right & so on. If you pinch or thump the area a few times before sticking the needle in it hurts less. I've never heard of anyone using the area behind the elbow & over the ribs, but if it works for you & your goats then sounds okay to me. :o) Thanks guys for your thoughts. I hope the one doesn't abcess and I really hope they go away in a few months.

-- Sharon in AL (, March 17, 2002.

Maybe it's just something with owners of minis, but the elbow site is widely promoted for injections. Also Sharon, thanks for the tip on rotating sides! I learn so much from you all.

-- Lynn (, March 17, 2002.

I have told this story before: When Bar Vac CD&T had their label change from IM and SubQ to just SubQ I called the company. I wanted to make sure it was truly just a label change and not a change in the carrier. It was so we continue to hide the lump in the muscle. The guy continued on to explain to me that it was called a granuloma, it is the goats own immunity to whatever you are vaccinating it with, that causes the lump, higher immunity bigger the lump. If it truly abscesses than something foreign was pushed into the site from the skin. If we give them subq than we give them at point of elbow so which is the largest amount of loose skin. Since when we show, and actually even when we don't show we body shave down each spring, and nothing is worse than subq lumps from vaccines. The horror is if you have them cut out by a vet the diagnosis is sterile abscess. Sorry but I don't want any abscess diagnosis please :) Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, March 17, 2002.

My vet said to give a SQ injection in the neck because it is easier to take care of if it did abcess. I find it easier to give shots there because I have a keyhole feeder that they get locked into with their necks held in place. When they were babies, I gave it to them in their back leg because I held them down holding their back legs in mine...and they didn't cry as much and no lump which they do have in their necks.

-- Dee (, March 24, 2002.

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