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I have an SX-70 Alpha I. I put a pack of expired film (Aug 02) into the film door. No film cover ejected. Does this mean the battery may be dead in the film pack since it's expired? How do I remove the film pack to put in another pack without damaging the camera? Thanks to anyone out there!

-- Karen Johnson (, March 17, 2002


If the film expires August 02, it should still be good. Do you mean 01? Yes, if the film date is expired, the film may not eject. You can remove the film pack without ruining the came

-- (, April 02, 2002.

If your film will not eject cover, the battery is dead in the film pack. You can remove the pack by opening the film gate (the same way you loaded it in the camera) and pulling it out the same way; a little harder with a full film pack but it will not harm the camera.

-- Darleene Finley (, April 03, 2002.

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