I'm trying to find a line of art deco hardware for a bedroom set with bakelite

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I'm trying to find a line or cataloge of art deco hardware for a bedroom set i'm refinishing . It must have bakelite in the pull and knob.

-- John Berardi (jberardij@aol.com), March 18, 2002


Van Dyke's Restorers - www.vandykes.com - or Crown City Hardware - www.crowncityhardware.com - are the two sources I usually start with. They both cover a range of styles/eras but I know they do have some Deco stuff. Have you ever tried the Old House Journal? - they are on-line and they also publish a directory of restoration products and suppliers. Our local library has a copy I just borrow (Chicago area).

-- Linda Georgian (xlch1966@aol.com), January 06, 2003.


-- Diana Pompie (car58@charter.net), October 22, 2003.

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