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Are you folks following cricket these days?

Gone have Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and Sidhu to name a few.

Enter Ganguly, Laxman and Mongia. The recent OD series against Zimbabwe India were lucky to win, thanks to some fireworks from newcomers, Yuvraj and D. Mongia. This should be good news for India. We have players to fall back on especially without Sachin Tendulkar (who was rested).

Sriram, do you remember the good old days of cricket we played for JIPMER? Ofcourse in the first year we were just carrying the kit. I used to be vexed. We did practise a fair bit on mat in the side of the JIPMER grounds? Do you remember Sugumar he was the captain in the first year and Suri, Santosh, Sushil, Murali? Do you still play some cricket? I do once in a year. We have a intra-hospital match. Last year I scored 92 runs, believe it or not!! I am not fit as I used to be.


-- chandu prasannan (, March 20, 2002


Hi!! Dappi!! I still have fresh memmory of good old cricketing days at jipmer with T.V.Sekar(thayeer vadi),PVR.Shrama,Susil,Kulki,Mac our class pace !!bowler?? who is to bowl ever where except any where near the wickets and crease and ofcource the elegant ,talented and famous cricketer of jipmer-G.SRIRAM(mugambo).I have not played cricket after leaving jipmer.What!!! a great loss??? to Indian and world cricket.IT IS GREAT NEWS YOU HAVE SCORED 92 RUNS LAST YEAR,BUT YOU HAVE NOT MENTIONED IN HOW MANY INNINGS!!!.My knee injury has prevented me from playing any active games.I was playing tennis for some time and quited.-------------------with love-SRIRAM

-- Sriram (, March 25, 2002.

What do you mean by how many innings? One innings duppy. I have another match this summer.

Yes I remember Makhija. There was an equivalent, Henry Srinivasan in our senior batch who used to bowl like that.

Do your boys play cricket or has the talent died with you?

-- chandu prasannan (, March 26, 2002.

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