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You don't realize it; but all of you helped get me thru my first kids. Had a doe deliver twins on Saturday, then another one had twins on Sunday. Three doelings and a buck in all. Saturday's kidding was a perfect textbook delivery. Sunday's was not. The first one came out just fine; but then the doe quit labor, even though I knew there was another one in there. He wasn't coming out, and had to go in and get the rascal. He felt in good position, could feel back feet and legs outstretched, right side up. Once he was out, could see the front legs were folded and frozen in place.

My daughter massage and worked them for the first 3 hours and got them to where they will extend. Have fixed up some leg braces for him and he is able to get around fairly well....tries to do what the others are doing. Walks directly on top of this 'toes'. So hoping with more exercise those hooves will eventually flaten out.

Other than that, momma's and doelings are doing well. Have put the doe I had to go into on antibotics. A big thanks, it was because of all of you that I knew what to look for and do. Seven more does to kid, and have much more confidence now :). Thanks Lacey

-- Lacey (, March 20, 2002


Good job Lacey! Hope the rest of your kiddings go well. and hope the little fellow's legs get better.

-- VickiP. (, March 20, 2002.

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