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Well, I don't know how much interest there is in this, but here goes anyway. What I have ready to go for $5.00 is a single CD with the information compiled from the following forums on LUSENET:

Countryside Forum
A Country Singletree
Country Families
Country Style Homestead
The Barter Board
Cooking and Crafts
And Dairy Goats

For those interested, I can also include the Freedom! self reliance forum at no extra charge. Just let me know when you write to me or email me. I will be keeping an updated backup (to the best of my ability and the LUSENET's stability) of the forums mentioned and make them available as they're done (probably once a quarter). The CD I'm letting you know about now is somewhat like the one Chuck did in that it doesn't have the search engine on it (working on that version, but it's a LENGTHY process to do it right!). You have to wade through the threads to find what you want, but I'll send simple instructions on how to get started and the rest is just like looking at the forum online. The major difference is, of course, all the forums listed being available on one CD. So having said all that, those interested can email me for my snail mail address. Thanks!

-- Phil in KS (, March 20, 2002


Phil count me in just let me know where 2 send the money!! Thanks!!

-- Grizz in Western Maryland (, March 20, 2002.

Just another note on the CD -

The setup I have on this CD is pretty simple to operate, and I'll send detailed instructions and you can email me with any questions or problems you have. Once you get the index open, it's just like surfing the forums online - same look and feel. The only glitch I've encountered at all is with Netscape - doesn't want to work on Netscape's older version for some reason. If you have Internet Explorer, though, you won't know the difference in being online. Feel free to email me with any questions you have - I'll answer as quick as I can!

-- Phil in KS (, March 20, 2002.

Phil, Just thinking out loud: wondering how many on your list have firmed up plans for alternate locations----what with all this talk of the impending demise of Lusenet?

-- Jim-mi (, March 20, 2002.

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