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hey gang , got a question for you, do any of you have big hands ? ,

i know i am a big gal all around, but i have very large hands , and it always makes me nervous the thought of having to do an internal exam , knock on wood , havent ever had too , but, if it cam about, not sure i could without harming the goaty gal , (i wear size 11 ring), mens gloves only, womens never fit.....

-- Beth Van Stiphout (, March 20, 2002


I too have larger hands (wear size 9 ring). My vet has larger hands than I. I have gone in many times sometimes up midway to my elbow. So far haven't hurt any of them, remember the kids especially the larger ones can be pretty big and they have to come out. I do not go in unless I have to of course. Just Monday had to help deliver twins head no feet, needed to get at least one foot. All is well, just a little reorganizing needed. The thing to remember is be careful, no rings, and go slow and sometimes closing my eyes helps me to concentrate on what I am feeling.

-- Michele (, March 20, 2002.

Beth even if you are birthing Nigerians, are your hands as big as the kids that are born? If you can't fit your very clean well lubed hand in the doe isn't ready, or you are having dialation problems with the doe. Or its a first freshener who has 15 more mintues of pushing left to do! And this year, hurry and call the vet!!!! Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, March 20, 2002.

What Vicki said!!! I have large hands and was really worried, but I just went slowly, and once I got past the acual hand it was no problem. If do it a little at a time, like first two then three and then you put all of your fingers and thumb together, it seems to be easier. The only tough part was figuring out what was where and where it needed to go. Best to you!

-- Doreen (, March 21, 2002.

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