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Please add newspaper ads and information in this thread after everyone has had a chance to see them. Thanks

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2002


Here are some prices for newspapers: To do an insert in the Kingston Freeman: 8 1/2" sheet (printed both sides) circulation to cover Onteora (includes some extra areas...but we that's what the routes cover) 11,000 pieces needed to be inserted. We can print them ourselves and deliver them to the Freeman no later than one week before the date of insertion. Cost about $550. Payment must be included. If we want them to print the sheets (2 sided) and insert them, we need to get copy and layout (quark express 3.32 [Mac only]) or camera ready art and text, to them three weeks before insertion... Cost including printing: $1023. Payment must be included.

Question is can we get printing done cheaper that they offer it? That means cheaper than $478 for 11,000 double sided...

Woodstock Times costs: 1/4 page $138 1/2 page $276 Full page $534.75

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2002

Newspaper addresses and letters deadlines: Woodstock Times/300 words or less.PO Box 3329 Kingston NY 12402 . email @ / drop box at SunflowerHealth.Mon.noon deadline....Kingston Freeman/ mail to Daily Freeman 79 Hurley Ave.Kingston NY to /400 word max.They say no letters from candidates.Ulster County Townsman 18 Rock City Rd. Woodstock NY 12498. drop box at address. email /4pmTues.deadline../ Phoenicia Times PO Box 9 Phoenicia NY12464 /email at this paper is published every other week

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2002

In response to the question of the insert costs for the Freeman, do have an idea what the cost is of printing 11,000 double sided printouts for inserts from our own sources (ie:Robert)? We should try to get this info.

-- Anonymous, March 23, 2002

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