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Here is a listing of some vegetables and container sizes for any of ya'll who might be interested.

Vegetable Varieties Container size

Beans, snap Derby, Bush 3 to 5 gallon Blue Lake, Green Crop

Beets Asgrow Wonder, 2 to 3 gallon Detroit Red

Broccoli Green Comet, 1 plant/5 gallon Green Duke

Cabbage Round Dutch , 1 plant/5 gallon Chinese; Michihli, Bok choi

Carrots Thumbelina, 3 gallon (12 inches deep) Lady Fingers

Swiss Chard Bright Lights, 3 gallon Rhubarb

Cucumbers Fanfare, Salad Bush 3 to 5 gallon

Eggplant Ichiban, 5 gallon Ghost Buster

Kale, Turnip Dwarf Scotch, 3 to 5 gallons or Mustard Shogoin, Purpletop Greens Red Giant Mustard

Lettuce / Salad Salad Bowl, Red 1 to 3 gallon Greens Sails, Bibb, Blackseeded Simpson, Arugula, Radicchio

Onions, green Evergreen 1 to 3 gallon

Pepper Bell, Jalepeno 3 to 5 gallon and many other varieties

Radishes Cherry Belle, 1 gallon Easter Egg

Squash, summer Dixie Sundrops, 5 gallon Elite

Tomatoes many varieties 5 gallon w/stake

Tomatoes, cherry Sweet Chelsea , 5 gallon Husky Cherry


Avoid using black containers in full sun.

Terra cotta and other pourous material containers wick water away from plants.

Coordinate container color with plant materials. Containers can be painted to create heat reflecting surfaces.

If weight need to be considered when moving containers, the bottom 1/3 can usually be filled with styro peanuts without affecting the plant to reduce container weight.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, March 21, 2002


So THATS what you do with those peanuts. Now I can stop looking for a styrofoam elephant.

-- kim in CO (, March 23, 2002.

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