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Welcome to the Refrigerator Car Historical Society. No, we're not really "official" yet, this is a kick off of what we hope will be an interesting ride for those of us who have a special affection for the operation, history, modeling and whatnot of Refrigerator Cars on American Railroads.

While we don't necessarily find the "Billboard" era uninteresting, our main focus will be post-billboard cars and operations including, but not limited to Pacific Fruit Express, Western Fruit Express, Fruit Growers Express, Merchants Despatch Transit, NRC, GARX, SFRD, BREX, and other private owners from the 30's through to the current era (or from the wood cars with steel underframes to the modern rib-sided mechanical cars) including not only the cars but the facilities to maintain, store and ice them as well.

We intend to formally organize our group once the numbers of interested parties is sufficient to warrant same. Please feel free to email me at bdean@jngray.com with any questions you might have. Oh, and please read the "About" header when you get a moment. "Coldest" Regards Buck Dean Lexington,KY.

-- Buck Dean (bdean@jngray.com), March 22, 2002

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