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Howdy, I'm from up in the Texas Panhandle. (Tulia, for those who know) Anyway, all of the dairies around price their calves around a 150.00/head, and the sale barns are all 125.00-200.00 depending how good the calf is. This is ridiculous. I was wondering if anybody in the Panhandle has good calves (dairy) for around 50.00-110.00 (depending on breed), or beef calves for around 100.00-140.00. Would prefer 2-7 day old calves. Thanks. Please e-mail response if you could supply me with about 10 (for a 'trial run' on your calves).

-- Ross Birkenfeld (, March 22, 2002


Ross, I'm in Leon County,Tx.,and have found alot of dairy calves for sale if you want bull calves.They are quoting me $50-$60 apiece.I'll send you #'s for the folks I talked to,if you like. I'm looking for a dairy type heifer,and those are almost impossible to find.

-- Johna (, March 22, 2002.

I have bought dairy calves at the Nacogdoches sale barn for as little as $32.50 each all steers. I have bought at other sales good beef calves heifers and steers for under $100.00. I am in Houston County and we have access to alot of different sale barns, you may could contact a few barns and see what they can do for you. Email me and I will send you some telephone #'s if you are interested. Good Luck. badams

-- badams (, March 23, 2002.

Be glad you aren't up here in IA. Salebarn price is a minimum of $200 and have gone as high as $325. I bought some from the neighbors for $175 ea. These are beef calves not dairy, but dairy is going almost as high around here.

-- beckie (none@this.time), March 23, 2002.

i've been getting holstien bull calves for $110. one of the guys at work has been getting them at auction for anywhere from $125 to $190.i wouldn't mind finding some cheaper place in so. eastern il, but haven't yet

-- ed (, March 23, 2002.

Braums sometimes give away bull calfs. Bob se.ks.

-- Bobco (, March 23, 2002.

If you haven't already done so, check out my article on feeding calves from hanging buckets in the March/April 2002 issue of Countryside and Small Stock Journal magazine.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, March 24, 2002.

I live in the southeastern corner of South Dakota and am looking for baby holstien calves 1 to 2 weeks off of milk for a reasonable price of somewhere around $200, depending on the quiality of the calves. I am looking to get a big bunch from one place if possible and I will be wanting them by May 20th. So if anyone knows of someone that has some give them my email address or if you could just email me and tell me what the prices are for those kind of calves in your area at the sale barns. Thankyou.

Mike Pavel

-- Michael J Pavel (, April 03, 2002.

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