dairy goat magazines/journals/periodicals?

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Hi -- can anyone recommend some good ones?


-- Andrea Gauland (Andreagee@aol.com), March 23, 2002


Oh gosh, I love the Dairy Goat Journal, it was just taken over by Countryside Magazine so it should do well. Here is their link: http://www.dairygoatjournal.com/

United Caprine News is good too. They ahve a website but I don't have the addy.

others: the Goat farmer and Breeders Choice e-zine, look them up in a search. Those are afew of my favorites.

-- Bernice (geminigoats@yahoo.com), March 23, 2002.

Yes, Dairy Goat Journal! And if you check Ebay, you can occasionally find years of back issues. Better not outbid me thought, lol. We have some from the 60's through the 70's now and trying to find more. Hmmm, I think I shouldn't have revealed my source!


-- Dennis (westwoodcaprine@yahoo.com), March 25, 2002.

last i checked the website for dgj was still down , i havent wanted to bother the countryside folks about the site, but i know my sub expired, and i need to renew it...... waiting till i hear something ...

-- Beth Van Stiphout (willosnake@hotmail.com), March 25, 2002.

Beth, I was able to get the DGJ site to come up, try this link.


-- Bernice (geminigoats@yahoo.com), March 25, 2002.

no, thats the same link i have, it used to work, but no more...... anyone else havign a problem ?

-- Beth Van Stiphout (willosnake@hotmail.com), March 26, 2002.

Hi, Beth -- just tried the same URL mentioned above http://www.dairygoatjournal.com/ and it worked just fine...


-- Andrea Gauland (andreagee@aol.com), March 26, 2002.

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