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Does the pd records on a deferent type of cassete or it is recording on simple DVtapes?Does it have the ability to take the same lens adapters and filters that vx2000 takes?Does it have DV in/out so i can edit my footage through the pc?

-- haralampos (sobalarah@hotmail.com), March 25, 2002


Are you talking about the Sony PD 100 or 150?

If you are, then that is Sony's DVCAM series. It is for higher end production (Corporate or Industrial Pro vs Consumer pro) and the DVCAM format plays at a slower speed. It can play and record on a the Mini DV format though. But you only get 40 minutes on a Mini DV tape instead of 60. It has something to do with the pitch of the tape. DVCAM is 15 vs Mini DV which is 10. I'm not an engineer so I may not have used all the right verbage. But I'm close. Noel

-- Noel Newell (noel.newell@wwu.edu), April 03, 2002.

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