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One of my friend's boer goats is pregnant and due any day (within the week, I think). She says that the goat's legs are swollen and that the ankles are really swollen, over the foot. I don't see anything about this in my goat book, but I know that swollen ankles is a sign of toxemia in human pregnancy. Is this normal for a goat, or does this indicate a problem?

Thanks for your help.

-- Tracey in Alabama (, March 25, 2002


One of my does did this also this year. The vet had me get her up and exercise the joints more and massage. Nutra Drench and CMPK really helped her. The swelling lasted till about a week after she kidded. Hopefully the doe kids out soon to relieve the weight stress on the joints and the toxemia. If I had another doe that got this bad then I will induce the labor if I was positive of the due date.

-- shari (, March 25, 2002.

I agree with Shari, if it were my doe and I had a confirmed date of next week, I also would induce. Yes it is a sign of Toxemia and is caused by management. To much protein, to much salt, to much molassas, is just too much for this particular doe. Don't even bother with the lasix for the edema, it can make things worse by further elevating the blood pressure, and it is very hard on the kidneys. Next will be full blown ketosis. Put the doe on CMPK gel as long as she is swollowing even after she kids. We used to think that things like this and milk fever "ran" in families, now we know it runs in managers :) Boer goat folks have just got to figure out that there is a huge difference between the words big and the word fat! Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (Nubians) (, March 25, 2002.

Vicki, I agree with the management being the cause. The doe that I had get the swollen leggs was on too high of protein for her gestation.

-- shari (, March 26, 2002.

Thanks for your replies. The doe had her babies yesterday, two bucklings, one was alive and one was dead. The live one is not doing really well tonight....It seems very weak and uncoordinated but it was perfectly fine earlier, bouncing around and playing. It rained and was cold here today, I wonder if it just got too cold? She took it in the house and tubed it and it is at least breathing and looking around now. Could it be anything else besides hypothermia?

-- Tracey in Alabama (, March 27, 2002.

Selenium deficiency? Always try to find out if that is common in your area. He did get colostrum, right? Hope the mama is doing okay.

-- Doreen (, March 27, 2002.

I have a doe that has swollen ankles and she is pregnant; young doe, small in body - I noticed someone mentioned that they gave Nutra Wrench to the goat and the goat felt better or the swelling went down?

When she lays down she certainly has a time of "grunting" in her own way and I am worried there is more to this than pregnancy.

Any thoughts -


-- Joe Leppard (, October 01, 2004.

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