Uncle Billy Bluett

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I worked in a mine in northern Nicaragua some years ago, and some old documents referred to a manager/owner of the property circa 1892 affectionately known as "Uncle Billy Bluett". He sounded like a real old timer, a prospector of the Wild West stock. The mine in Nicaragua is known as Bonanza Mine, a gold mine; within the camp there are individual deposits with names like Pioneer, Highland Mary, Foundling and others that Uncle Billy might have been associated with. Anybody got any information about this fascinating prospector and the history associated with his mining ventures in such a far-off place?

-- Phelim Lally (phelimlally@gsi.ie), March 26, 2002


Sorry I don't know of this fellow. Sent it to a few others and they didn't know of him either.

-- Fran Luby (fluby@ameritech.net), April 17, 2002.

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