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All of the Nubian lines that I see now days remind me of the dairy breeds of cows, all udder and no real meat on their bones. I have a very small herd of grades that are big, deep, meaty girls that throw great colors and real growthy kids. I just can't seem to find a buck to breed them to that doesn't diminish the size of the offspring. My herd queen has a heart girth measurment of 46" and whether to tail of 48". I really don't care if I can find a registered buck just one that will help us to keep the size and heavy milking ability that we already have. I have a yearling buck that I bought last year out of desperation for kids but he really isn't what we wanted. He did a good job of covering the ladies, even at not quite 6 months old. All of his kids are really flashy, out of 11 kids only 1 was a solid color. If you have some idea of where to send me to look let me know. Vicky, it had been a while since I was in the goat shed and was upset that it had left, I am glad that you (and everyone else) are here. Susan

-- Susan in Tx Panhandle (, March 27, 2002


Get in touch with Vicki from this list. Her's are great!!!

-- (, March 27, 2002.

Vicki does have some really nice Nubians. And she is very careful as to herd management etc, so you would be getting a great goat too.

-- Bernice (, March 27, 2002.

Susan any idea as to what bloodlines your girls came from? That would help you the most in finding something that would compliment it. Bar none the biggest goats that have tremendous milking lines, though with that much milk you do sacrifice attachment is Musk Rose. I mostly breed POTF and recently adding alot of SAADA from Wyoming influence, Laura doesn't have a website but she is very closley related to Goldthwaite Nubians, If you find them attractive than I have a buckling out of a SAADA first freshener X my POTF through Easy Stream buck, I will be retaining one of the bucks for my own use. But if you are wanting spots, I am not the one to ask, I deplore spots! I do have some very wild red/brown and white colors but we are splashed not spotted. Though black is in the back of all the pedigrees we have a very small percentage of black with white splashes born, everything has silver ears about. My Nubians milk, and though slow to mature, my girls are large. Yes, I to am not fond of the dairied up Nubian, score card be damned! It is really the catch 22 of breeding Nubians, those young long boned dairy juniors, rarely grow up to be the big strong deep bodied older gals that win! Not sure how far north you are you might also want to check out Jean Baugh of Old Glory Good luck in your search. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (Nubians) (, March 28, 2002.

Vicki, I have absolutely no idea what lines they came from, I bought my foundation doe from an old farmer that was tired of milking. I only know that she is "probably" 11 years old, we have had her for 5. I wish that I had an idea of where she came from to begin with, but there is no way to find out. Thanks for all of those beautiful animals to look at! I only wish that I could afford that quality. Alas I guess that for the time being I am stuck with saving my nickles and dimes and making do until I come up with a bigger pocket book. Unless I can get real lucky!:) Thanks for taking the time to answer me. Susan

-- Susan in Tx Panhandle (, March 28, 2002.

umm, maybe a bit late on this, but dont forget, goats grow thier whole lives, albeit a lot slower after they hit 3 , they still gorw, that may be the source of your gals great size, but there is also a genetic defect present in roughly 1/4th of all nubians causing small size... it can be tested for i believe, and you definatley want to avoid that....

i know i have a big nubian , around 5 years old , who is just huge, she looks like one of them mini cows :) her heart girth is 43in

-- Beth Van Stiphout (, April 01, 2002.

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