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Hi all, I now have pictures of the seeven legged baby that I can send to you. Our ISP will not allow us to host pics or I would put it on here directly. If anyone can host these it might be easier, or I can simply forward the photos to you individually. They are now properly formatted...(sorry 'bout that Vicki!). I wish we had taken more time to take better shotts, but we were all a bit rattled and the clinic was closing so we just snapped them. Many of the finer points aren't visible because of the ectoplasm, and not really messing with positioning, etc. They are still interesting for those of us with morbid curiosity. Just let me know!!

-- Doreen (, March 30, 2002


Morbid curiosity, yep that is me! I would recommend everyone looking at them, several hours after you have eaten, and after kidding season is over! :) Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, March 30, 2002.

So did you want to see the other pics too, Vicki? Or are you still awaiting more kids??:) I have four photos now. I don't know how to cringe electronically or I would<<<<<<<>>>>>>, does that work?

-- Doreen (, March 30, 2002.

Hi Doreen, OK--I'll bite on the pictures. Would you mind sending me a picture of this poor thing? You've got me really feeling curious! Wonder how often this kind of thing happens? I don't get to have any kids this yr or I'd probably be afraid to look!! Kathy

-- Kathy (, March 30, 2002.

Hi Doreen, Would you please send me a couple of the pics. I am curious, Thanks

-- Barbara (, March 30, 2002.

me too!?

-- Sissy (, March 31, 2002.

Doreen, send me the pic and I can post it here if you'd like.

-- Rebekah (, March 31, 2002.

I sent them to Rebekah...thanks! I think it would be good to tag the thread wih a graphic warrning tho...some people might be really squeamish, even more than myself.

-- Doreen (, March 31, 2002.

Someone asked if the baby really had seven legs and did something get to it and eat it. Yes, it had seven legs, one very small leg in the abdomen and six more formed legs. No nothing got to it to eat it. It's intestines were outside the body. It's a syndrome called schisse-??? something or other syndrome.

One of the first things that clued me to something being very wrong was that in her mucous plug there were very small berries. Maybe those of you who know me a little better can vouch that I wouldn't fake this thing. It was all much too upsetting to me to make it up. As a matter of fact, it's still upsetting.

-- Doreen (, March 31, 2002.

Would you mind sending me the pic as well? I grew up with cows & my father had a 2 headed/3 legged one once. It was really unreal to see it. I'd appriciate it if you could send me a pic. Thanks!

-- Chely (, April 09, 2002.

Hello Doreen,

I know that this is upsetting, but thanks for sharing your experience. We cannot have too much knowledge. Please add me to your list of photos recipients.


-- Charleen with Obies in WNY (, April 09, 2002.

I have met Doreen in real life, in fact Peaches came from my place, a purchased doe for me also. Doreen didn't fake this photo, and since it was C-sectioned out of the doe, it would be very hard pressed for anything to have eaten the other legs off at the vets office :) I was eagerly awaiting the kidding of this doe, she was bred to a very nice buck, and a doeling was promised to me. So Doreen and I know each other, I know Bernice is real because I have enjoyed her fudge, Dennis and Joe know Bernice, NOW...........does anyone really know Rebekkah :) HA!! Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (Nubians) (, April 09, 2002.

Doreen, How terrible for you and for the poor kid! On one dairy herd I managed, there was a doe kid born with her front legs on backwards! I had to pull it and was so confused by the legs. I did put it down. I had a duckling hatched this spring with an extra little webbed foot and leg coming out of its abdomen. I then worried about all kinds of things what would make that happen, mostly enviromental. Too bad that we were given such a beautiful planet and we are turning it into a garbage heap. Off my soapbox now.

-- Karen in Kansas (, May 09, 2002.

Vicki, Jan knows me. :-) By the way, I am still intending to post the pictures of the kid, but I know it will take a while to figure out how.

-- Rebekah (, May 09, 2002.

Hi Rebecka!!! I would like to see the picture too when you get it posted!!!!! Yep I met Rebecka in person at the ADGA Convention in Portland last fall. Very sweet gal and a baby boy that I would have taken home in a heart beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet lady and boy howdy does she have some nice goat pictures!!!!!!!!!!! Jan Nordberg, Coeur DAlene, Idaho.

-- Jan Nordberg (, May 09, 2002.

And Jan is a very nice and very talented gal- she makes beautiful stained glass with goats!! Hope to meet more of you at the Nationals. :-)

-- Rebekah (, May 10, 2002.

Sounds like that was a rough day for you!!! Must of been a bad experience! Well I am a very curious person, and I would like to see those pictures, if you don't mind. Thanks!!! Have a good day!!!

-- Alyson Rabinovitz (, July 29, 2002.

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