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I have a kitchen table with an enamel top made by tepco, on a carved wood base. base is quite ornate, but with deco, or art nouveau stylings. purchased in Canada, from a shop which imports from New York and New Jersey area. any information or links to this type of table would be greatly appreciated.

-- Stephen Montgomery (, March 30, 2002


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We just bought a similar table at a flea market here in CT yesterday. The top is enameled steel with a wood base. The legs are connected with an X-brace and has a drawer on one side. The top has two leaves that pull out from under the top to extend the table's size. The enameled steel is brown with a black pine tree silhouette motif. According to the manufacturer's stamp on the underside, it was made in 1932 by a company called 'Inc-Rich' out of Bayonne, NJ. The trade name for the top is 'Porceliron'. From the '30s is all we know at this point. We'll keep looking for info on this type of kitchen furniture and will keep you posted if we find anything.

-- Russ Panecki (, June 10, 2002.

I have seen two for sale: one starting at $150 (at auction) another for $595. If anyone finds another in black and white or red, please write me. They are lovely and very durable, ideal for our 1929 kitchen with two kids.

-- Cynthia Carrell (, August 04, 2002.

I just purchased an enamel top table with spring loaded extensions on each side. My table is white with red outline decorated with three red crisscrossed diamond pinstripes on each surface. No sign of a manufacturer's name. The base is wooden but it has chrome legs. I believe it is vintage fifties. If I can identify, I will post.

-- Rosemary Bird (, August 12, 2002.

I have had a porceliron-top table for about 10 years, now. I purchased it for $50 at a garage sale with four matching chairs. The table was manufactured in Beaver Falls, PA by Ingram-Richardson Mfg. CO. Stamped on the bottom along with the PORCELIRON logo is "9-40". Could this mean it was made in September of 1940? Still trying to find out. The top is white with two spring-loaded leaves that pull out. A red twin-stripe frames the top. At each corner where the stripes intersect is a leaf/pine cone motif. The edge of the top is red. I'm now refinishing the legs (maple, I think). The original paint scheme was white with 3-inches of the bottom of each leg painted red to match the top.

-- Ernie Sprance (, September 07, 2002.

I have a white one with red design on top. Wood base and chrome legs (which cost $300 to be "re-chromed") Such a garage sale find, it was only $15.00. I really love it. Have done the kitchen over with white. Last project was a hoosier cupboard to go along with. They are very neat items. My mother in law has a similar one she bought in 1947 when she got married. Mary B (

-- Mary Boger (, September 16, 2002.

I just missed winning a porcelain enamel table with pop up sides at an auction. I wish I had kept bidding. I really want to find one...I prefer the wooden base but would be happy with metal legs as well. Would love to locate one in good condition...Any suggestions on where to look?? Thanks so much!!!

-- Barbara Joyce (, October 10, 2002.

I bought a table, similar to the one's described herein, tonight at a local thrift store. The thrift store reduces the price every few day's that the item doesn't sell. I saw it first about five weeks ago at $240 and really liked it but thought it was priced too high for me. watched daily as it was reduced in price, believing someone else would get it before it came down to my buget. Tonight I bought it for $40.00, and want to know more about it. Finding this site and reading the descriptions, I see the name 'tepco', which I found under the metal top. The wood table base is rather simple with a small silverware drawer and spring return leaves on each side. I'm really pleased to have finally gotten it, now I want to learn more about it. Any help would be welcome, thank's.

-- John Lane (, November 11, 2002.

I have the table....... but the chrome legs are ruined...... rusted beyond rechroming .....does anyone know where I can get replacement legs?

-- Joann (jandj moe, January 03, 2003.

I just brought home a table from my mother-in laws home that has been in her basement for over 40 years. I thought it looked a little mission style and might be ok as a laundry table. After cleaning up, I deceide tath it would look nice in an old kitchen and found that it is an ingram-richardson table from 1939. The preceliron is in near perfect condition, the wood needs to be refinished. It is a brown, tan enamled top with a red stiped trim. Is this company still around? I can't seem to locate too much info on them.

-- (, February 09, 2003.



My wife and I just purchased a table similar to those described above. We are curious as to what type of chairs to look for to match this white with red border porceliron topped, chrome legged table. So far all we have been able to find are chrome/vinyl diner styled chairs.

-- Ken LeBlanc (, April 05, 2003.

Williams Sonoma Spring Catalog has a new porcelain enamel top table in white with blue trim....Cost.. $595

-- t. jakubowski (, April 09, 2003.

I just got an enamel top table out of the garbage. The top has a few worn spots (I like to call them character spots). Does anyone know how to repare the enamel top? Mine is white with a blue design around the outside as well as an ivy printed oval through the middle. One leaf has broken wood, but I have all the hardware and it's an easy fix. The legs are all wooden with rounded grooves down each one. I also have a drawer. I could only find numbers stamped in red on the bottom, no names.

-- Tammy Meyer (, April 22, 2003.

My husband and I were at an auction two years ago and "won" the bid on a red enamel table on a wooden base w/four original chairs. It has the two pop out sides, a silver drawer and we absolutely love it. The red design on the white top is diamonds and flowers in a rectangle. (hard to describe I guess) If anyone has info on the year of the table or anything we would love to hear from you. I have always wanted a table like this and didnt know how much others loved these wonderful tables. This is fun!

-- Cindy and Harold (, May 22, 2003.

I have an oak base enameled top table. White with a black semicircle and line design (classis deco). It has a silverware drawer and the leaves slide under the main part of the table. We used it in our black and white kitchen for several years, and while we still love it, our family has grown too large to eat at it comfortably. We are interested in selling it to someone who would love it as much as we do. If you or anyone you know would like to send me an email to discuss selling it, I would like to hear from you!! Thanks

-- Traci O'Neill (, July 28, 2003.

I have inherited from my great-aunt a 1936 Ing-Rich Porceliron Pop-Up leaf table with the matching original chairs. The top does have one spot where the porcelin needs repair, (about 1" round). The pop-up mechanism works great and still has all the original parts. The chairs have a single yellow rose on the inside of the ladder-back. The four chairs are also in excellent condition. The finish looks to be like a reddish brown and is the original and has never been retouched. The single silverware drawer has a crystal knob but is missing the partitions inside. The cloth lining that was placed in the factory is still fully intact inside the drawer and shows where the partitions were. It is well preserved as my aunt had placed a piece of unpeeled contact type paper over it. I have no idea what something like this is worth. I am willing to sell and have many pics of the table and chairs. Any info would be appreciated.

Maureen (

-- Maureen (, July 31, 2003.

I just purchased a similiar table that is red and white with a heavy wooden base. It have many layers of paint. I am trying to ID what the base was like originally. Was it painted white to match the wooden frame? Or, was the frame just painted and the base left in wood finish? There are some wood carvings on the carved/routed legs. They look like a flower pot with flower buds. Some one tried to paint them in, pretty bad job! The porceliron tape is in perfect conditon as well as the spring pop out leaves. Any information on where I can begin to find what it may have looked like new would be great! I would like to finish as a gift to my son and wife. Am looking on the web and am checking out books. Thanks!

-- Sharon Walls-Hall (, August 07, 2003.

Good Morning, I have just found this website on the internet. As a result, I offer this message. I have an original white/gray porcelain topped table with white wooden and black stiped base. The original chrome legs are in beautiful condition. On the 40" long (not a-chip-on-it) original table with side drawer and two spring loaded side extensions, one can see two beautiful painted baskets of flowers in red, black, and white motif. I will sell for top dollars offered as it is worth every penny; if you believe you get what you pay for, send your e-mail address, with intensions, and location. I will e-mail you a photograph of my table.

-- Sandy (, August 07, 2003.

I have two of these tables, one of which I'm willing to part with. The table has a blue and white top in a plaid design with a brown base. The drawer is missing. Email if you are interested.

-- M. Dygert (, August 09, 2003.

I can't believe I finally found such a great site!! I have been looking for one of these tables for years since a friend of mine was given one from her great aunt. I have just one my kitchen over in all white and blue and just need the table and chairs for the finishing touch. Please let me know if there is anyting out there for sale. Thanks a million!

-- Dale Abatiello (, August 12, 2003.

We have a black and white enamel top table with carved wooden base. We have 4 matching ladder-back chairs (one has a split in the seat). The table and chair legs are painted white with black on the bottom couple of inches--lovely. The top of the ladder-back chairs had black trim on the very top scroll of the chairs, but is now painted white. Table in good shape--has the two pull-out and pop-up leaves that make the table larger. We moved to a contemporary home, so the table doesn't work here. In our previous '50's house, we loved the size of the table--only one that could turn our 50's kitchen into an eat-in kitchen.

Can email photo if interested.

-- Phyllis Payne (, August 24, 2003.

I have a table with porciliron top and wood base and legs, maple we think. The color is creme and green with a diamond shape design on top with one drawer on the front. My table was given to me by my parents and was purchased in Wadsworth, Ohio in 1961 at an estate sale. The table is in great shape, original color with green airbrushed look and natural legs. I am looking for more info on this table. No chairs came with it. What are these tables worth? I looked on the bottom of table and Tepco is written in red with many numbers. Any info would be great.

-- L. Hall (, August 31, 2003.

I have a Porcelain/Enamel Top Table (with a little drawer in the front) & 2 Matching Chairs in Old Green Paint. It is not listed on eBay (auction # 2345567760) I live in the Chicago, Illinois area so it would have to be picked up in person as it is too large to ship. The opening bid is $39.99 with no reserve. Great condition, no chips, cracks or breaks in the top. Please either contact me or check out my auction for more information. Thank you! Jeff

-- Jeff Misavice (, September 12, 2003.

Hi, I just listed the above ad. I made an error. It is now listed on eBay. (I put it is not listed on ebay, sorry!!!!) Thank you, Jeff

-- Jeff Misavice (, September 12, 2003.

I have an Oak Based enamel top table with a yellow top trimmed in green. The odd thing about it is instead of a pin stripe or scrolling design on the top it has an oriental design of a woman in from of bamboo plants on either side, there are leaves that slide out from underneath and a silverware drawer in the middle. Im wanting to sell it, but in all my years of antiqueing I have never seen another even remotely like it. Is there anyone out there that might know the value of this table. I am wanting to sell it because we are redoing out kitchen more of a retro 50's style and it dosent fit in with the aluminum and black.

Any suggestions of value would be greatly appriciated

-- A Mantel (, September 19, 2003.

Ihave 2 tables with porcelain tops&wooden legs with pull out sides. One has NO draw or seats, and it was made by Ingram-Richardson Mfg Co. Beaverfalls Pa. 7-41. The other is white porcelain with painted black design signed by Mochi (with a circled C after). This one has all 4 chaires and 12-5-35(table),noko7 1-2-40 on chaires. Would like to know more about them.

-- davgas (, September 19, 2003.

I have a enamel topped table .It is white with black design going around the outside.The design is a diamond shape,squiggly black lines joining diamonds.A silver ware drawer in front,spring loaded pull out sides.The legs are a painted black metal of some sort.All original.Stamped under neath is the name Benjamin Crysteel #26418.Can anyone tell me how to find out about it. Thanks

-- carol Lee (, September 20, 2003.

I Have a enamel top table with drawer, the top is white and has a black patterern around the edges. the base is wood. I would like to find some pictures to get ideas for finishing. There is a gouge in the table top, can it be repaired?

-- Ken Poniatowski (, September 30, 2003.

I have a table that I've had for maybe 25 years, that I got at an auction. It has an enameled metal top with spring-pullout leaves (which work fine), and a silverware drawer. The edges of the top are red, and the eating surface is tan, with a light background pattern kind of like wood grain. In the middle and corners are maple leaf designs, a lighter tan. The wood base has rounded grooved legs (some of the edges are a bit beat-up) and grooves along the bottom edge of the table base. There are four chairs; the two front legs also have grooves. The backs have a curved edge on top of the part you lean against, which does not go all the way down to the seat, and have two side cutouts. The surface of the back has a carved-in design, like two baseball diamonds, one up and one upside-down with the "home plates" intersecting. There is some worn green paint trim above the design. Since my taste in decoration has changed some, I'm thinking of selling it, if it's worth it to do so. I don't see any identifying marks underneath. Can anyone hazard an educated guess as to what it might be worth (San Francisco area)? Thanks for any info.

-- Debbi B. (, October 20, 2003.

I purchased white porcelain topped table with two pop out leaves in perfect condition with four matching chairs. The drawer has a glass knob and the top of the table has an intricate art-deco design which is black. It is also signed MOCHI....Has anyone heard of MOCHI?

-- Frank Le Moyne Steep (, October 31, 2003.

I have 5 enamel top tables for sale 3 are in very good condition, 2 have chips. I live in Coxsackie N.Y. email me at

-- ray adamski (, November 04, 2003.

I have an old Porcelain Enamel kitchen table with wood base, I have no idea how old it is,top has normal ware,sides are spring loaded. It is yellow embossed with green gingham / flower combo, has drawer in center of table. I am looking for best offer.

-- Jack Keery (, November 05, 2003.

I am looking to replace the carved wooden base of my enamel top table. I think that it was a Tepco. The base was in an X, carved with an Art Deco design. Natural color. The top is the type that has two spring-loaded leaves that come out. (My got angry, one night, and smashed the base that I was refinishing. I was looking forward to sitting at that table very soon.) By the way, the top has a Mochi design of yellow tulips and green leaves. If ANYONE has a table or a base that they think would work, PLEASE email me!!! Thanks.

-- Karen Kelley (, November 24, 2003.

I am looking for a blue and yellow enamel table with a wooden base0 silverwae drawer any info would be appreciated- ? name of company that made the blue and yellow? Thanks barb in Ct

-- barbar lesniewski (, December 12, 2003.

We just purchased a table similiar to those described above: White with red edges and red pattern on top. It has a wood base, looks like oak. I can see a stamp on the back but can only read PA. It came with metal legs which at first I though didn't belong. But after reading this sight it seems they must belong. I don't care for them. I would like to put the table in a cottage we are renovating into a 1920's style. The metal legs look too modern. Could anyone describe wooden legs typical of this type of table. Would they have been turned or straight? I would like to buy or make replacements. I would, of course save the metal for authenticities sake. Thanks for your help.

-- Sherri Watlers (, April 06, 2004.

I have had a porceliron-top table for about 20 years, now. The table was manufactured in Beaver Falls, PA by Ingram-Richardson Mfg. CO. Stamped on the bottom along with the PORCELIRON logo. The top is beige with darker brown appliqués and two spring-loaded leaves that pull out. A red twin-stripe frames the top. At each corner where the stripes intersect is a leaf/pine cone motif. I was wondering if anyone ever found information about these tables. I also have 4 chairs that go with this table. They have a scalloped back.

Thanks, Bob

-- Bob Cartalemi (, April 12, 2004.

I was shopping in South Beach Miami, Florida and found a Red and White Top Porceliron Table with pull out sides the center has an Art Deco design on the top. In the front is a drawer. The legs are a pitted chrome. The top is in excelent condition. There are no chairs with the table. The table is priced at $725.00. Is this a good price for this type table. I have no idea of what a good price to pay would be. Could someone please help me with some feed back. Thanks Jonathan R. Kroll My email is

-- Jonathan Kroll (, April 17, 2004.

I just bought a enamel topped, chromed tube leg table with the spring up leafs and four chairs with coral colors and a deco design of tea cups and a tea pot on the top for $200. Felt I might have over paid but I've never seen one before. Figured you could get one for $25- $50 at a garage sale (if you could find them). I guess they were all made by the Ing-Richardson Co.? I'm trying to get info on the years made and models. If anyone finds anything out please let us know!!

-- grant (, April 23, 2004.

My Porceliron table is paint-splatered green (very unique). The wood base is original, faded/worn.It's printed under the top in a diamond "PORCELIRON, Ing-Rich Corperation, Bayone, N.J.". The drawer has all the dividers, the cloth is worn, as is the wooden plywood base. It also has "stainless" printed under the table surface. The only flaw on the surface is the "stressed" enamel directly over the two pins. Ray

-- ray rowitz (, April 25, 2004.

I have a unique Green porcelain wood grain looking table with the spring loaded leaves on a green wooden base Tepco on the bottom. We may want to sell this item since we are moving and getting rid of a lot of old furniture.

-- cathy cossin (, May 14, 2004.

I am currently selling a 1936 enameled porcelain top kitchen table with a wooden bottom and four wooden chairs. It is in great condition. I have posted it on ebay and would love it if you checked it out. Just search "table and chairs" or email me for more information.


-- Karen (, May 30, 2004.

We currently have a pocelain enamel top table with a wood base. The base is in the form of an X and is in great ondition. The enamel top is of brown and deep reds, has a wood plank design. Table has a drawer in the front with dividers and lined with cloth. Under the drawer it reads National Chair Co. Boston (Roxbury) Mass. Jun 29, 1942. Does anyone know what it's value might be? Thanks!

-- Tina (, June 03, 2004.

i was wondering if anyone near brooklyn, ny, has porcelain top table w/ leaves that would like to find a good home for it. i can't afford too much, but i do have a car and could come pick it up. and it will be used for good cooking, baking and even sitting once i round up some chairs. thanks. i know my mom had a table like this when she was a kid, my aunt has it now, they grew up in worcester,ma.

-- amy (, June 04, 2004.

To all: I am a porcelain-top table lover and have in my possession three lovelies. Two are copyrighted by the silhouette artist, Ugo Mochi. Both are white enamel; one has an African grass design and the other a red Oriental pagoda/geisha girl crane, etc., design. I would love to correspond with others about these. I believe that Ugo Mochi worked for Tepco Enamel, Cleveland Ohio, during the 1940's. If you would like some bio info, visit, good article written by David Alexander. Jill

-- Jill B. Blagg (, June 19, 2004.

I too just came upon this site while trying to research my table to sell it on EBAY. Mine is solid maple, never painted with carved legs. Table top is light brown porcelain with a darker brown scroll design. One leaf extends the table to seat 6. 4 chairs also never painted are very attractive with carved legs in front and scallopped top. Pictures are available. I would also like to sell if anyone is interested...western NY area

-- Gidget Hopf (, July 05, 2004.

i just got a porcelain enamel top table that was my great- grandmothers...i'm so pleased to have it! i love it sooo much...i've never seen another like it and happy to have found this site! it is an x style base with 3 chrome bars in the has a white and blue top with a flower ribbon motif..its very special to me since its one of the things i remember from my early childhood. if anyone can give me some information about my table it will be appreciated .the name is tepco. i would like to know its value just to know!

-- annamarie armstrong (, July 14, 2004.

I have a porcelain top table with copyrighted MOCHI signatures. It is an off white background with coral colored edges and has a marine motif with fish and coral in a circular pattern. The base is a greenish painted wood and there are 3 chairs that go with it. Enamel is damaged in one spot. It is a spring loaded leaf type table. Would like to find a good home for it without having to go thru e-bay. I live in Gainesville, Florida. e-mail me if interested.

-- Chris Robinson (, July 17, 2004.

I have a table it is off white, cream colored with two dark stenciled designs on it. If interested let me know. Also I was trying to sell a table from another site and got a scam call wanting me to cash a huge check then give them back the cash to the shipper. I contacted the FBI and they said it's a fraud scam going around-- they are using a deaf typing connect call as a front. So beware.

-- Ruth Adams (, August 07, 2004.

I have no answers only questions. I recently purchased an enamel top table with two pull-out leaves and drawer in front; however, the leaves and top were not fastened down and I believe something is missing. Others have mentioned spring-loaded pull-out leaves. Can someone describe exactly how they work and what type of spring is used. Thanks

-- MaryHelen Hicks (, August 13, 2004.

Does anyone know where I can purchase the Porcelain-Top Table with blue trimmings from Williams-Sonoma Spring 2003 catalog? (Item #46- 4329678 Reg Price $595) I contacted Williams-Sonoma but they are permanently out of stock. My mother would love to have that table. The only information I received was that the table was manufactured in Candada. Any help would be appreciated. If someone has one and are willing to sell to me, I would very much appreciate that also.

-- Mari (, August 14, 2004.

I have an enamel top Black on white linear design (deco) in fair condition, wood base, chrome tube legs, pull out spring loaded leaves. I am moving an want to sell. have an interested buyer who refuses to make an offer "What do you want for it" i am not greedy but I don;t want to be taken. Any advice?

Help. Please!!!

PS. Have a similar piece in a beige marbelized finish on turned oak legs. Am also looking for help on that one.

Thanks All!!


-- Jessica Thompson (, September 11, 2004.

Hi! If you have a silhoutte signed "Mochi" on your table, I'm sure by now you are aware you have a "Ugo Mochi" table in our possession. A "friend from cyberspace" by the name of "Jill" was kind in forwarding me information on a table I purchased on ebay.

I also have a question for all of you out there who may wish to part with a table. Depending upon design, color & condition of enamel top I would agree to a fair price.

Thank you. "Marion Emily"

-- Marion Emily LeCompte (, September 16, 2004.

I have a red and white enamel top table, with the extra spring(pull- out) extention. the desing is white with red intricate diamonds. Also have the four original chairs. This table also has the little drawer that pulls out. Wood base. I love it. But do not have the manufacturer info. I do know its date-in 1941. Could anyone give me some feed back about a possible manufacturer or value? Thank you!

-- Danielle DePew (, September 22, 2004.

I have a green and yellow enamel top table with oak legs and four matching chairs. The table has a silverware drawer and pops up. It is a gorgeous table but has two burn marks on the top. Does anyone know where (or at least what kind of artisan) can fix an enamel top table? The design is kind of complicated so I am not convinced it is fixable. Otherwise it is in good condition. NY Metro area.

-- Leigh Jackson (, October 12, 2004.

Marion Emily -

We have a Mochi table that needs to find a good home. The top is in good condition, yellow with green paint. The base is white paint. We live near Houston, Texas. Are you nearby? BTW, what's a fair market price for this table?

-- Amanda Veazey (, October 20, 2004.

I have just recently purchased a table and 6 chairs in great shape in No. Idaho from the original owner who moved there. It has a porcelain top that slides open to accomodate 6 with an oval brown/gold wheat design. The chair reads Nat'l. Chair Co. Boston(Roxbury), Jan 1, 1940. The table has a cutlery drawer and ornate carved wood base. Unfortunately it has been painted white as well as the chairs but I will strip and need to recover the chair seats. I too am trying to research what the style would be considered. I am living in a 1910 Craftsman Tudor home and the scale really fits.

-- Michele Finley (, October 23, 2004.

I have a White with Blue design, porcelin kitchen table. Has drop leaves on it. Has alluminum legs. Has a drawer missing. The enamel is in good condition. The wood base is in good condition, needs some work. But no refinishing. The alluminum legs have some rust but none that couldn't be removed. I would like to sell it. Buyer to pay shipping cost. Or pick up. I live near WI. Dells, in Wisconsin. Email for more information. This is not listed on ebay. Email for more information.

-- Karrie Mathis (, November 20, 2004.

I just saw a similar table while antiquing today. It has a white top with black borders and ornate black silhouettes of large oaks trees with southern belles, dogs, and carriages under them. This seems very different from the patterns described in previous posts. The legs are white painted wood, but are very yellow and would need new paint. There is a silverware drawer like most people described above. There are some small rust spots in the enamel. Can this be fixed? The shop owner told me it was probably a 1930s piece. I wanted to research the table on the net, but this was the only site I could find. Any idea how much it should be worth? and/or if the rust spots can be repaired?

-- Laura Macgregor (, November 24, 2004.

I wish to purchase a porceliron kitchen table for our cabin with or without chairs. I am looking for a design in ANY colour BUT black & White or brown. I am not interested in fish, tropical, or asian designs. Please email pictures if you have one for sale. I can arrange shipping. Much appreciated.

-- Debi Latham (, December 03, 2004.

Anyone interested in a free Porceliron table? Black & white design, X bottom (painted white), very worn & scratched top, 2 extensions in descent shape, drawer without dividers, used in basement as work table. Philadelphia vicinity - pick up only.

-- Debbie Dolezar (, December 06, 2004.

Looking for 1 chair to match the rest of my set. I have a 1937 Porceliron table, white top, black edges with two pull out leafs.The Chair has grooves on the two front legs andgrooves in the back slats of the chair. If anyone has an extra id like to speak with you. happy new year. pete

-- pete Davisson (, December 28, 2004.

I recently purchased a black and white deco-style enamel top table. I am going to have to repair some chips in the enamel, for which I purchased a bathroom fixture/porcelain repair kit, and some rust stains--does anyone have experience working on these tables? What products did you use and were they successful? I don't want to damage the enamel. Also, the table I have is missing the silverware drawer. Does anyone know of a replacement drawer for sale, from a table that can't be rescued for example? And finally, I would be interested if anyone in Florida is selling a similar table for a reasonable price. Thanks!

-- Jessica Dandona (, December 30, 2004.

I just came across a Porceliron Table by Ing Rich Corp of Bayonne NJ. It has the 4 chairs that accompany it as well. I did some research on this table and I think it is from the mid 1930's. I just listed it on Ebay. If anyone knows any other information on this that I could add, I would greatly appreciate it. I want to make sure I represented the set properly. The link to the auction is ViewItem&category=63576&item=3776356689&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW

The auction number itself is 3776356689.

Thank you for your help.

-- Patrick Resotka (, January 17, 2005.

I have a green trim porcelain top table with a solid wood base that has been painted white. There are also 2 pull out leaves, and a silverware drawer. I no longer have use for this table and have just listed it on ebay.

If anybody is interested the item # is : 3779267168

-- Pete Hiegel (, January 29, 2005.

I have a Tepco (?) Enamel top table with the chrome tube legs. The enamel is in good shape with a few chips on teh edges. The color is a SOLID blue! It has a white FLoral stencil signed by UGO MOCHI. I woul dlike to sell this table and am open to offers. I am considering listing it on Ebay but am not thrilled about shipping it. The legs do come off so the main shipping problem is the weight. The legs need restoration. I have not done a thing to restore it yet and havent decided if I am going to take on the task. Any interested? ANy idea what I should charge for this table? THanks! M.Taylor

-- M. Taylor (SUGRAVEN@VERIZON.NET), February 05, 2005.

We have a Tepco table that is in great condition that we are selling because we are moving across the country. The top is brown enamel with a wood grained pattern and has two extensions. The base is carved wood and has one center drawer. We are in New York City and it would need to be picked up within the next two weeks. Any interest in buying it? Otherwise, do you have any suggestions where we could find buyers? Thanks in advance! Here's a link to our website where you can view it.

-- Marissa Schultz (, February 16, 2005.

Hi I live in massachusetts and will travel to surrounding states for a porcelain enamel top table with wooden turned legs and a draw . with a white top and any style pattern in any color that expands . please let me know if anyone has a table and wants to sell or where on the internet I can look for such a table that is close to where I live thanks linda

-- linda updyke (, March 14, 2005.

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