Bush Economy flags at best

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For an economy that is supposed to be on the rise, came another 18,000 new jobless claims this week alone. At 394,000 claims one can hardly call this a healthy economy. So 66,000 new jobs were actually created, and we are supposed to cheer. When Mr. Gore was working for us the average was 200,000 new jobs per month. Most technical jobs were cut back as soon as Bush took office, and working staffs were cut by at least 50% in some places. That means a lot of technical jobs were lost and to those left working the workload doubled.

Who wants to invest in a stock market that continously flags? Sure there are dramatic gains, but there are also dramatic losses. Brokers say be patient and ride out the storm, but when that "perfect storm" makes waves over 100 points in either direction then investors start to want to abandon ship out of fear which can be justified. Speculators on the market who want to garner a profit by selling short can have a field day, while investors in for the long haul, and workers who have their retirement money invested end up getting burned. Conservatives call it an adjustment. When Mr. Gore & Mr Clinton was in office we didn't need an adjustment as the market steadily grew. And the job market grew as well.

You don't boost the economy by building more "ordinance" to drop on people on the other side of the world alone. It is absolutely foolish to believe that this country can grow with a government that constantly runs on a deficit, and a President that raids Social Security to fund the war on "terrorism". Like Mr. Gore said, if you believe that then he has an unused "lockbox" that he wants to sell. The sad thing about it is if Bush would have not touched the surplus at all we would have had more than enough money to rebuild in New York after 9/11 and fully fund the "war on terror" with money to spare. He was too busy giving corporations like Enron a tax break. Short sighted planning like this does nothing to help our nation.

Thanks to Mr. Vidali on this forum. To all ditto-heads, and assorted "brownshirts". This is a forum for thinking people. Take your garbage to Limbaugh's site. Also here's a lesson for you since you all love using these terms. A moron has an IQ of less than 70 points, and an idiot is 25 points or less. We don't need the "brain dead" coming here spouting slogans, so don't go away "mad", just go away.....

-- Mr. T (workingstiff6198@yahoo.com), March 30, 2002


Waitin fr Rove to Hep me

Gosh fellah yah can write good. I need help to read it will askAsscroft to reply when he stops peeking under the curtain to those cold boobs. Back to my pretzels for now. W

-- George W.Bush , Emperor (George@whitehouse.oil), March 31, 2002.

An Economic Report Card

Well it's time to ask what happened to that robust recovery we are supposed to be experiencing right now? The "Perfect Storm" continues to rock the ship of the DOW in the market place. A 305 point gain on Wednesday turns into a 66 point drop for the week overall. IBM will now let go 8,000 more workers from global operations & if we are lucky at all most of them will be from out of country offices, but I doubt it as they want to get rid of people making from 20 to 50k a year, not some slave they have in Mexico or China pressing out chips and assembling pieces for 50 cents a day. The DJIA is only an indicator, but when it can not seem to stay above 10,000 points then there is something wrong in this country, and I blame an administration that took us from a "surplus" to a "deficit" then proceeded to raid Social Security for the money. Did we learn absolutely "nothing" from the 80's at all? Deficit spending from the Reagan Administration for war toys like SDI & the MX missle which are now dust covered monuments to "stupidity" along with a "half-baked" war against Iraq in 1991 left us so far in the "red" it took us almost all of the 90's just to pay the bill. Now the Bush administration want to do it all over again. How long will it take us this time before we realize that sooner or later someone is going to have to pay the bill? That someone will be all of us while they give big fat "tax" breaks to corporations. It was already said that taxes will be raised again. The Bush administration is just looking for "hidden" taxes to raise like the "gas" tax that will hurt all of us while leaving their rich "Enron" friends alone and swimming in money. I said it before, and I will say it again, you can't create jobs just by building more "ordinance" to drop on people on the other side of the world while Boeing Corporation asks for another billion dollar bail out. Better hurry up & bomb Iraq quickly while we still have 2 "red" cents left in the treasury to pay for it. Oh Yea! That's right! We can rob our parent's of retirement & our children of a future to pay for it all! IF YOU BELIEVE THAT THEN HERE IS THAT BRAND NEW "LOCK BOX" THAT THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION LEFT A "WORTHLESS" I. O. U. TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SITTING INSIDE....We aren't saying not to fight a "war" on terrorism....WE ARE SAYING BE RESPONSIBLE & PAY THE BILL FOR IT!....Oh Yea! That's right YOU CAN'T because you gave all that surplus back to YOUR RICH FRIENDS AT ENRON!...Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it EVERY 10 TO 12 YEARS IF THE REPUBLICANS GET THEIR WAY!....IT IS TIME FOR COMMON SENSE!.....IT IS TIME FOR AL GORE!....GO WITH GORE IN 2004!

-- Mr. T (workingstiff6198@yahoo.com), May 11, 2002.

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