Polaroid Bankruptcy

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Anyone following Polaroid's woes and who has any informed insights? The stock is down to 8 cents per share. Will Kodak or Fuji buy? Most praddle on the topic is how digital will replace Polaroid, but that makes no sense. Yesterday I was driving passed a group of people in a field looking at Polaroid pictures. Granted there are portable digital printers, but not with the ease of a Polaroid print or the low initial overhead vs. a digital camera (a semi-decent digcam $300 + $300 portable printer from Canon or Olympus) vs. a Polaroid 600 camera for <$50 and pack of film for $13. There are no replacements digitally for what we do in this forum either transfers or sx-70. In the commercial and technical photo realm there are probably more digital replacements and I suspect a large portion of Polaroid Inc. income is from the comm./technical sector rather than personal camera and arts.

-- JA (abbottjp@appstate.edu), March 31, 2002


SX-70 will continue to be available. Do not stockpile because it will not be worth using after expiration - even if you freeze or pray over it. :-) If Polaroid should ever begin to sell off assets, they have already recieved offers to buy the SX-70 machine. Ah yes - there is only one machine and it is currently in Germany. Well, this is what I'm told by "an insider"...and he should know because he has tendered an offer to buy it for big (huge!) bucks. Menwhile...keep shootin', shall we?! Joan Emm www.joanemm.com

-- Joan Emm (joanemm@mcn.org), March 31, 2002.

Actually I have had pretty good luck with out of date SX-70 film. It is okay to extend its life in the refigerator, but don't EVER freeze it. It ruins the chemicals, or so I have heard. Also, be sure it gets to room temperature before you use the film. You get more blue shift if the film is cold. Rene

-- Rene Hales (Rene@qx.net), October 20, 2002.

yikes! i just checked my retirement account positions and realized that polaroid went bankrupt years ago. i lost about $2000.00. i thought that instant camera that made tiny pictures that were sticky ont he back were going to save the company. i'm not smart enough, or involved enough to buy stocks anymore. its indexes and mutual funds for me from now on. Dammit!

-- Reginald Folder (regfolder2003@hotmail.com), January 30, 2004.

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