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I am a disabled mum-to-be. I have cerebral palsey from the waist down and have poor muscle control and strength in both legs.

I have only, so far, had one problem with 'baby equipment'. I have purchased a pram/pushchair and find the footbreak nearly impossible to operate (on one of my 'good days'!!)

Does anyone know of any company that would be able to adapt the break on my pram to make it operable by hand/s?

Any ideas would be greatfully received.

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2002


Check out the REMAP website -

REMAP are a Charity who specialise in adapting everyday items so that they can be used by people with disabilities. They have panels country-wide, and I think would be a useful starting point. They adapted a playpen for me so that I had a gate and could walk into the pen to pick up my daughter, as I was unable to reach her otherwise. The best news is that there is usually no charge for their work!

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2002

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