Week of March 31

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Week of March 31

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2002


Happy Easter to those celebrating it. Tobe, I think your letter needs toning down, but I'm going to be out walking with the girls this afternoon.

Was it here that I posted links for the interesting look into the Pledge of Allegiance a few months ago? I'll have to dig them out again. I have some interesting ones on the varying versions of the Ten Commandments as well, though the best snappy comeback may be to inquire how many third-graders are married and thus eligible to even consider committing adultery. But I don't know that these in themselves are issues we need to worry about, I think the district policy is doing OK. I just wanted to make sure that all the candidates are aware that if there personal reasons they have for not saluting the flag, that it is a bit of a political liability.

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2002

Well, I just came from Phoenica where I was talking to people about voting and me running for the board etc. I saw Rick Ricciardella (whom I have known casually for 30 years, and whom I helped with some major medical issues years ago) and decided to talk to him about supporting me. Well...it got real ugly real fast.

The following are his words so I apologize in advance for offending anyone...I just think we need to know what we're in for.

He called me and the SOS group a bunch of commie asshole scumbags, referred to those "whops" D'Orazio and Sofranko, and that piece of shit Hal Rowe and anyone who supports him or Randy Collins. We are a disgrace to the United States and should be killed. He has been holding back, and now says he decided violence is the only way to deal with us .....referring specifically to Me, Curry, and Jim, and had some choice words for Meg as well. He ended by saying he had enough and was going to "pop" someone, and stormed away. I thought he was going to explode like a tomato in a microwave!

He said the school was TOTALLY out of control with no rules and run by communists from woodstock...and should have its name changed to the woodstcok school (?)...He said we were like the Palestine Liberation Army (yes..that was out of left field??)

I tried to tell him...look, you dont have to vote for me but you dont have to resort to violence and name calling either. I told him I was for his kids too. He said he didnt want me to have ANYTHING to do with his kids, and that he didnt want me anywhere near him or his kids either.

Hey....other than that....nice day huh?

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2002

Well, nothing suprises me about Rick Ricardella. He has become the David Boyle of Phoenicia. I said hello to him last summer and he looked at me and said, "Dennis, do me a favor, don't say hello to me." So I have not spoken to him since. Unbeknowst to me the Tibetan store owner who leased the store next to Ricardella's heard him speak to me and was totally offended. He proceeded to ask the landlord to be moved to another place in the walkway. He is now up front, away from Ricardella; where I plan to stay as well.

News from the Joe Doan front: A neighbor was telling me that Doan in his dealings with the previous owner of the West Shokan store totally offended him and spoke down to him as if he was of a higher class. He also proceeded to nickel and dime the guy down far beyond reason according to this person. Bottom line is that all the previous West Shokan supporters of Doan are now frequenting the Reservoir Deli (where is it?) and at the previous owner's request are staying away from his new store... just grapevine stuff....

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2002

If the Reservior Deli is the same as the Dairy Deli on 28 (with the cow)...that's Bob Wilkens headquarters...FYI.

By the way....do Kathy, Marino, Tom, Meg...ever come on here? I never see posts from them and wonder what their reaction is. Maybe I'm too worried about this stuff and should just keep quiet till the public meetings.

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2002

Meg stays up to date on the bbs stuff through me..she is completely computer illiterate (I know, I know!)...Tom does come on...just not lately...Marino is a newcomer and needs help getting on...Kathy also needs technical support here...

Let's see if we can get Ricciardella to speak at a public meeting...that would be cool, eh?

Carol, please help me tone down the letter and keep the point.

Dairy Deli (Reservoir Deli)...is a hangout for the boys...but it's very interesting that Doan has offended yet another local family...can we get them to help us (quietly...) No one needs to say in public how to vote...just tell friends and relatives how to do it...remember everyone is alone in the voting booth...This is why we'll get cards to pass out so folks can remember the right names...memories are short.

Any more word on Kathy and marino's signature hunt?

We have (by my count) 7 Mondays left for newspaper deadlines...letter writing must begin soon in earnest...I would suggest we ask trusted friends to pick from the list of items we need discussed and to go to it...if they want or need help, perhaps some of us can help with the details and language. Tobe

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2002

Meg saw Neil's post about the Riciardella rant and wonders if Neil felt threatened enought by it to consider it a THREAT in reality? Should we be concerned Rickie will take his pistol and "pop" one of us at a board meeting, or on the street or at home? Is this something that should be reported to the "authorities?" Or was he just talking? Should Hal hear about this? Should we pass Neil's post to anyone else..or keep it in house for a while...Neil?


-- Anonymous, March 31, 2002

I would definitely mention it to Hal and it certainly wouldn't hurt to mention it to the State Police. Now that Neil is actually a candidate it takes on a different meaning when you are threatened as a public figure (I think). Maybe it was Riccardella putting the screws in our tires.

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2002

I am so saddened and sickened, Neil. I'd like to brush your experience off by saying Mike can't help it--the air is thin up there, but his comments are no laughing matter.

I strongly suggest mention to the legal authorities for future reference if need be. I also agree with choosing the State Police, rather than local (Mike's tight with McGrath). Just know that any record entry is public and can be publicized (maybe a good thing in this case), as was done when the Kingston Board President felt threatened (nothing to this degree however) and reported it. She too did it for future reference and the Freeman had a heyday.

Again, Neil, I'm so sorry. Though we graduated a year apart from each other, Mr. Riciardella is not representative of my OCS experience. I wonder what his former basketball coach, Ron Pape (Shokan), would say about his comments. As my science teacher he would never tolerate such behavior. I suddenly feel so naive and vulnerable.

Please let me know if the deli you're referring to is the Weber's. I was in their wedding 26 years ago (ouch) and could easily meet Jennifer for lunch as we work around the corner from each other. Would need some coaching though.

My best to everyone,

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2002

This is disturbing news. I await Neil's assessment of the seriousness of Ricciardella's words, whether it was empty rhetoric or he might follow through. But it seemed like pretty nasty rhetoric for just blowing off steam. Yes, I think the State Police should be informed rather than local ones, if police are to be told. You all might want to keep an eye on your tires again, as well (not that the State Police ever did anything useful, like follow up on Lucia's account of having an Onteora employee do Indian whoops at her as she left the building and later found a flat tire on the way home). I'm glad that I don't seem to be on his radar yet, or at least am further down on his shit list.

Interesting about the Reservoir Deli, seeing as it's not the closest deli -- the Fillin' Station (Mobil in Shokan) is far closer. Wonder if there's a story there too, or just entrenched habits and social circles? I don't know if Cathy Johnan, who has the pre-school in the Reservoir Deli building, goes into the deli much, but I'll ask her to keep an ear open for anything heard there or in the parking lot that might do well to reach our ears. She's Suki's scout leader. You all might want to think of who you know in local eateries and hangouts who might be willing to pass on any threats overheard. These may be people who don't always support us politically, but they often may have relatives whose kids are our kids' friends and who ride in our cars. That connection may make our safety less of an abstract issue to them.

Tobe, here's a slight editing of your letter that you may want to think about. I'm not thinking very well at the moment, being pretty wiped out by getting lost (misplaced?) with the kids in the quarry section of the Onteora Lake trail (a new one for us), as the light suddenly vanished and we did the last 20 minutes in the dark.

As far as I can tell, Barbara Clare's letter has not appeared in the latest Phoenicia Times or Ulster Townsman.

To The Editor:

Barbara Clare's latest letter in support of Joe Doan ignores the results of Mr. Doan's attempt to drag State Comptroller Carl McCall into his schemes. Mr. McCall asked Mr. Doan to send him specifics about any areas of concern before his office would get involved. Mr. Doan didn't cite any specifics, so the matter was dropped. After Mr. McCall didn't give Mr. Doan what he wanted, Mr. Doan decided to try his favorite tactic: expensive investigations with the taxpayers footing the bill.

The record shows that these investigations cost the taxpayers $10,000, and yielded nothing of value. But, as Mr. Doan has shown so often, when reality doesn't match his own preconceived notions, he simply calls for additional wasteful spending on yet more investigations. In this case, after the first $10,000 didn't get the results he wanted, he pushed for a series of six more investigations, going over the same old ground. These investigations are now costing taxpayers $165 per hour for lawyers, with no cap on spending and no end in sight. Our taxpayers expect their school taxes to go for educational needs, not never-ending Whitewater investigations.

Onteora residents ask me when the "School Board Madness" will end. I tell them this: the madness ends with the elections on May 21st, when we return the Onteora board to policies which are based on sound educational objectives, and financial practices that benefit students rather than lawyers.

Call 657-2914 for information on what you can do to help us restore board cooperation, trust, and respect. Focus on Education.

Tobe Carey, Glenford

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2002

One thing I wanted to clear up is that this was not MIKE Riciardella, who owns Brio's and Riciardellas, it was his brother RICK. The one with the Real Estate biz. MIKE is 100% on my side and oferred to put up a sign for me.

Rick is just, sadly, mentally deranged. Like I said I've known him for probably 30 years, and have done some pretty big favors for his family. Thats whats the saddest part.

I'm going to chalk it up to him venting and not involve the authorities for two reasons. The first is that I went up to HIM - specifically to talk about Board issues because I knew he was not on our side, and I thought I could at least convince him I was open minded. If he had saught ME out it would be very different.

Secondly, I'd rather just let it be known that he said it to people like his brother, and also let it be known that I let it slide and chalked it up to a bad day on his part. If I'm preaching inclusiveness I can't go running to the cops at the first sign of something like this. I'm going to assume it was all talk. I may be able to MENTION it to the State Trooper who was recently assigned to the High School. I see her all the time and we have struck up a friendship.

By the way....I see her when I make my morning stop at the Reservior/Dairy Deli. I know Brian who owns it, and its a hang out, as I said in a previous posting, for Bob Wilkins. I happened to see Bruce LaMonda in there, (he's there every day too, and he wished me luck on my candadacy right in front of Wilkins). They had a Wilkins petition on the counter with 4 signatures on it, and the girl behind the counter didnt even know what it was for, they just put it out because he asked them to.

Thanks for all your concern. I thought I could turn him around, but I guess theres a bigger divide in this area than I had ever imagined.

What a crazy world.

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2002

Had a good talk with Brian Powers of Ph Times...despite what he may have written some months ago, he is definitely with us...They do not have an issue coming out the week before the elction, since they are on an every other week schedule. I suggested a special edition which he liked a lot...I also offered photos, etc...a meeting with candidates, whatever he needed to help him get his materials ready.

I believe he'll give us great suppoprt if we continue to be the good guys that we are! tobe

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2002

Neil: I think your measured take on this threat is fine, and I agree that his brother should somehow know that you did NOT report Rick.

Sounds to me like you've got the knack of walking the fine line...not hysterical like some of us (ME!) :-) Tobe

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2002

Thanks for setting me straight, Neil. I thought 'Ric' was Mike's nickname. I feel a little better now. I like your sensibility around the whole issue.


-- Anonymous, April 01, 2002

I also have a response going in the Wdsk Times, since her letter was in response to mine. I do love this stuff and it always give the opportunity to bring in more info. I mention in my letter the bribe that Doan offered Hal which, if taken, would have cost us some hundreds of thousands. Tobe, I don't think you were overstating the case and in fact it bears overstating since this media needs strong words to stand out. By the by, was there any advertising concerning the fund raiser? I didn't see it.

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2002

Hi Everyone, I'm back from the wilds of western PA, and in recovery from the usual lousy bad-weather traffic jam late night trip the length of route 80.

Wow, lot's going on!! As far as I know, we made our deadlines for the signs and pamphlets, so many big thanks to Ted, Tobe, Laurel, Bruce, and the 3 intrepid candidates.

MEETING TOMORROW: TUESDAY, 7PM, AT THE BOICEVILLE INN: The agenda is basically updates, info exchange, and live support. Please come and bring a friend (& funds raised!) Neil: do they know we're coming?

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2002

Yes, they know we're coming. We can meet up in the top room. 7:00. John said he'll put up bullet proof drapes...lol (only kidding!!)

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2002

Tobe, I don't think it is at all hysterical to be concerned. Nutcases like this DO sometimes act rather than just blow off steam. Given that someone named Ricciardella is snarling about "wops," we can probably expect some overt or covert anti-Semitism too, knowing the some of the Onteora old-time values we've encountered in the past.

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2002

Ouch, I acted like a dolt....again.....

My apologies and grateful thanks to Beth for her photos...... Who else did I forget?

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2002

I'm lurking. So glad to see Neil correct the confusion about Mike and Ric, and any confusion about appropriate response. I know Ric quite well and have had many after board arguments with him in the high school parking lot. Absolutely hot headed and full of combative rhetoric , fiercely protective of home rule and the Onteora Indian. He was only active on the town board level til the Indian rode into town. Never heard him quite as agressive as Neil's account , so sorry you had to deal with that. I have had a couple of very interesting conversations with him altho not too recently. No fan of Millman's, (only as he rides JD's coattails).Carries much favor with the Shandaken voting public.Do you think so Melissa?Not going to shoot anybody. Loves his town his country his Indian.. you get it.Would be suicide for sos or members to involve w/ police.Totally.

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2002

What's the story with the Woodstock Journal? Ted and I realized we hadn't seen a new issue in many weeks.

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2002

The Journal (Ed Sanders) is on a leave...suposed to srat up again in the spring...will have to add this to the advertising list if they publish again. Tobe

PS here's the text of an email i sent to a list i keep.. don't know if everyone hereb got to see this.. please send it (or your own plea)to your personal lists and see if we can get some more workers and more $$$. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Time to update the upcoming May 21st election story as best we can. can... Election prep is in high gear. We have ordered 600 yard signs and 5000 candidate brochures. We are holding a fund raiser at the Boiceville Inn on Sunday April 14th 1 PM. Join us for music, fun, and to pick up signs and materials. We will also have post-card size materials and newspaper ads coming up. Our budget will probably be about $6000, so we need your help...To date we've raised and spent about $1100. Please pass this call for help to your friends, and please consider sending SOS a donation. Please consider letter writing. There are six Mondays available for Woodstock Times, Ulster Townsman, and Phoenicia Times deadlines. Kingston Freeman deadline is rolling. They all like short letters. We hope to have many letters in support of Neil Eisenberg, Kathy Hochman and Marino D'Orazio. We also need letters that talk about the "Doan Deal" - the record, and what has been going on for the past three years. Feel free to chime in. There's lots of topics, and if anyone wants help on details, it's available. Any donations may be sent to S.O.S. Support Onteora Schools, PO Box 7, West Shokan NY 12494. For those so inclinded - we are having a working meeting on Tuesday, April 2...7PM at the Boicevile Inn. Thanks. Tobe 657-2914

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2002

Yes, I know Mike. I was his kids cubscout leader for 6 years, helped his family when his son had cancer(he recovered thank goodness:), his wife is nice and we've gone on wilderness walks together....Mike is a piece of work, though. I learned years ago not to talk religion, politics etc. with him. I avoid him and only nod my head in acknowledgement. He's the guy who screams across the room at people at board meetings. He may rile up a few people, but mostly I see people chuckle at him and roll their eyes.

Neil, my cautious side says: Be careful...ya never know with people who have such "out of control" reations. The loose cannon? He's linked up with Marty...they and others were the brunt of the "flyer" distribution in town years ago. The flyer was a dispicable thing to do and it only fostered the Randy Collins Hate Club. Many layers, many layers.

I'm stopping in tonight, but can't stay long. I'm going to Florida to see my mommy ;-) for a few days. I have about 10 signatures for Kathy and some $$$.

See ya there!

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2002

Once again PLEASE!!!! It's not Mike, it's Rick! Mike is a friend. Ricks son, Richard was the one with cancer. His wife is very nice and his other son Will just scored 1000 points as a senior on this year's Onteora basketball team. Both his sons are good friends with my son and with me. Which is why I thought I could talk to Rick. But please, lets stop mixing Rick up with Mike. They are totally different. Thanks!

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2002

Hi folks: I just want to let everyone know that I check the BBS every day, as does my wife Phyllis. Neil: I think you handled the Rick Riciardella thing beautifully. Your response or lack there of shows the kind of class, understanding and wisdom that makes me proud to support your candidacy. I had a rather strange encounter with Rick last year during my board run. While I was in Phoenicia handing out brochures Rick walked by and I simply wished him a good morning. Well, Rick walked right by me and never acknowledged my presence. A few minuets later Rick returned and wordlessly handed me a "business like card". The card read; " On the advice of my doctor I can not speak with any one who might cause me distress. Any conversation that I might have with you can cause serious consequences including death. Thank you for understanding and please do not attempt to communicate with me in the future". Since that day I make sure that I always politely say hello and move on. Mike, on the other hand, has always been polite and engaging. Mike will discuss BOE issues with me, express his ideas pro or con and listen to my views. I have always found him to be reasonable, respectful and willing to listen. I hope to attend the SOS gathering tonight. I have some signatures to turn over to the candidates and I just plain enjoy associating with people who are dedicated, intelligent, and of high moral fiber.

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2002

My sincere apologies! I don't know why I mixed them up...Rick, Rick, Rick! Sorry Sorry Sorry.

I off to Florida. I couldn't come to meeting. I will be in touch next week.

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2002

SOS meeting, 4/2/02, at the Boiceville Inn 4/3/02

First, thanks, Marino, for picking up the tab. Attending: Rick, Kathy, Tom, Phyllis, Pat, Morty, Marino, Meg, Tobe, Curry, Bruce, Neil, Dennis, Laurel, and Anne Marie Johansen

Tobe predicted the cost of the campaign: $7000. Weve collected about $1200 so far. About 2/3 of the total is newspaper ads. Neil and Bruce will work with Tobe on newspaper ads. Everybody: raise those funds!!

The copy for the signs (600), the brochure (5000), and just this am, the postcard is complete and submitted to the printer. We agreed to print 3000 postcards. All this material should be on hand to distribute at the fund raiser.

Fundraiser: Neil submitted ads for this weeks papers, and many people volunteered to help distribute flyers, to arrive early to set up the event, and to tend to business during it.

Laurel said shed follow up the press release with calls to the newspapers.

Curry asked if Meg, Tom, and Marino would help prep Kathy and Neil for the tough campaign questions, and they will set this up. Everyone was urged to participate in the campaigning as it revs up. The importance of face to face contacts was stressed.

Anne Marie will assist in fund raising and lots of other stuff, too. She noted that choosing the next superintendent should be a campaign issue: this is coming up urgently next year!

Meg says that JD is desperate to get charges against Hal from the Six Questions so he can use it as a campaign issue. She says this is likely to come up at the BOE meeting this Monday at the high school. The first complete budget will be revealed at this meeting. Everyone is urged to speak up on programs that need to be included in the budget. Im holding my breath to find out the bottom line budget increase: will there be any room for anything but the bare bottom?

Please flush out these imperfect recollections with your own.......


Next SOS meeting: 4/11, Thursday, 7pm, Boiceville Inn

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2002

Forgot this one: Ted Duggan is the one who prepared the copy for the brochure, the sign, and the postcard. Many thanks to him for cranking this stuff at such high quality.

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2002

I just posted all the media related dates on the calendar, please check it to be reminded of deadlines, etc...Also, I made a few mistakes, which i will remove as soon as I learn how, :-) Tobe

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2002

We ordered 3000 post cards today...hopefully we can use many of them to mail to the far western end of the district. Tobe

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2002

Hi everyone,

Spoke to my former colleague (from when I was Asst to the Pres & HR Director @ RadioWoodstock.com), Doug Grunther, last night. He was sorry to inform me that he is not able to conduct political interviews on his Roundtable show (equal time kind of thing). Doug apologized profusely and wished us the best of luck.

Faxed the press release and newspaper chart to Ann Marie for follow-up. Looking forward to conducting my email blitz (cheap postage).


-- Anonymous, April 04, 2002

Hey Laurel, Perhaps Doug would be interested in a debate of some sort.

-- Anonymous, April 04, 2002

Doug also mentioned that the other problem is that DST is regional now, not just serving Woodstock. I don't know how interested the listeners, say in Poughkeepsie, would be to hear about one particular school district. Maybe CH.3 TV is our best venue for that.

-- Anonymous, April 04, 2002

there has been renewed discussion of tv spots...do we want them,...We can reach a lot of our audience ...but probably it will be about $1000 to buy air time that includes our voters. We have a possible donor to cover all the expenses.

If we were to produce any...are they: "Vote for The Good Guys?" "Attack ads?" Ads "About the Board Record"?

My Road Runner is out again, at elats until Tuesday - so email to willowmx@ulster.net Thanks, Tobe Both?

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2002

Can this donor be convinced to contribute to newspaper ads? I think they are much more effective. I hope the donor understands that our campaign is well thought out, but we need lots of $$ just to do what we are already doing.......

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2002

maybe! Tobe

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2002

Hope everyone is sharpening their pencils...time to write letters...every week...ask your friends...new names on letters help...candidates can all use letters that support them as a board member, as a wonderful person, etc. Don't be shy in asking for endorsement letters. They build constituencies.

Topics people can choose from include: Open Government/Secrecy Truth and Misinformation Value gained/$$ spent Staff supported/People attacked Education the focus/looking backwards

please add your ideas to the list...and to your personal letters... Ra ra Ra.

6 Monday deadlines left till election week for submission of letters to weeklies. Don't forget the Freeman...and Ph Times (bi-weekly)

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2002

Neil: great ad in the Woodstock Times!

My son Max posted a bunch in downtown Woodstock, too.

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2002

I'm back in town and can't express how great it feels to see all the hard work that everyone has accomplished. It is simply extraodinary that you have got it all together to finish the pamphlets and the signs in such little time! Great work and countless thanks to everyone.

I am looking forward to the benefit as well as seeing the pamplets, signs and ads. This is just great!

My first observations are to be sure we are careful on the timing of the letter campaigns. We must take a look at the calendar and see to it that we get in the last word in the final edition of the paper in the last week before the election. Also don't forget the Freeman!!

I think we should be stressing the positive aspects of our candidates and not the negative's of Doan as hard as that may seem.

Did we get much press on the press releases from Laurel? Just curious to see how this worked.

I feel that, to a degree, we have already verified the threat of RICK Ricardella without police involvement simply by discussing it here on the SOS site.

We need to set up a date with Pat Stroh and the Phoenicia seniors. Is Pat lurking here??

We also need to meet with the Olive seniors. Any contacts?? I know the West Shokan faction but the Shokan contingent is much larger.

Take Peter Kraft up on his offer for West Hurley. We need this type of penetration and any other suggestions are most welcome.

Things are looking good and some checks have come in but we have a long way to go. I may call Robert at American printing to try and get better pricing. Any objections if I do? I know Bruce has been in contact with him and I don't want to get in the middle of it unnecessarily.

Great work everyone. See you tomorrow at the BOE meeting.

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2002

Welcome home, jim

We're chugging away, checking the record fopr the facts and iusues...

I hope people can write letters praisning our candidates...candiudates should ask friends, etc.

Any plans to go door to door, and try to get some fREEMAN PUBLICITY OUT OF IT? nEIL? forgive the caps lock...arrgh Tobe Tobe

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2002

Welcome back, Jim. I have absolutely no objections to you lobbying Robert for better pricing. Everyone needs to give what they can.

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2002

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