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I am new to goats and this forum. I bought two pregnant pygmys this January.They don`t have any papers and I don`t show.But they are healthly happy girls and I enjoy them very much.Good Friday one of the does delivered 4 kids,3 does and a buck.The delivery went will, but one of them has a yellow staining all over her fur.I think she pooped in her birth sack.I washed her under warm water and then blowed dried her and gave her back to mom.But Mom didn`t want her so I took the afterbirth and rubed it all over her and now her mom likes her again.I made sure all the kids got there first meal and I dipped there navels in Iodine.But when I was checking out all the babies I noticed one had double teats so I started checking the rest and they all have double teats and the little buckling even has three one side and two on the other.I don`t think this is a good thing but I`m not really sure.The buck can be wethered but what about the does? Thank You! Marlene

-- Marlene (, April 01, 2002


Hi Marlene, and welcome to the list. With these little guys just being pets it isn't a big deal really. Yes wether the buckling. Make sure that whatever buck you do choose to breed to is free of this genetic fault, even to the point of looking at other kids of his, his sisters his mom or any other relatives you can find. You called it perfectly with the yellow staining, listen to her lungs a little bit to make sure she didn't aspirate any. This is one reason why if I am there for the kidding, I don't let the kids out with the sack around their faces, I always pop the bubble they are in and clear the nose and mouth as soon as I can. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (Nubians) (, April 01, 2002.

check all of the goats, and seriously, although it seems obvious, dont breed the girls, and anyone you sell them to , make sure to let them know they are "PETS" , and that the teat thing in no way compromises the girls health , but just thier suitability for breeding unfortunately , what may have happened is she may have been bred to a close relative and this crops up, as you know shes no good for show, but bred to a diffrent buck , you may not have the problem re occur...... i wish you luck , and keep goating!!!

-- Beth Van Stiphout (, April 01, 2002.

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