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Have some registerable American Alpine and purebred Nubian bucklings for sale. The nubians are of the large breed. All are very correct and out of outstanding dams. Price is $100.oo and i am in central Indiana. bucklings were born in mid march

-- Don and Susan (, April 01, 2002


I might know of someone who may be interested. What bloodlines do you have? Do you by chance have a website?

-- Bernice (, April 01, 2002.

The nubians that i have chosen to keep intact are out of a buck called Nubian Way B Frosty and Frye's Silver Style. The does came from a herd belonging to Larry Fidler, who is the cream of the crop around my area! for the past several years his children ALWAYS take grand champion dairy doe overall. The bucks i had them paired with were also from his herd and i think they came from california. The Alpines we took out of state to be bred, the sires are Iron Rod Superstitious Culpepper and Oak Acres Mayama Orack. Culpepper's grandfather was national grand champion. I hope that answers your question, i guess i really don'tknow what "LINE" i have, unless it's just what i told you?! i own all the dams and they are wonderful milkers, no one gives less than four quarts daily and the Alpines milk more around 5 quarts daily.

-- Don and Susan (, April 02, 2002.

oh, no i don't have a website but i would be happy to send pictures to anyone interested.

-- Don and Susan (, April 02, 2002.

Don and Susan, I live in Kansas, raise Nubians all registered, from mostly Cream of Kansas, Reghers and a little Chatauqua Farms bloodlines, really heavy on Cream of Kansas as I have always like Tecoa Mearsch(sp) Nubians and she is a wonderful human being. I love my yearling buck out of all that great COK bloodlines but need someone to breed all his gorgeous daughters to. LOL I am a lover of the big old fashioned Nubians. I am going to Illinois in a few weeks to visit my brother. Can you send pics to me and Sire and Dam info?

-- Karen in Kansas (, May 09, 2002.

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