update on trips & another sick goat

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Thanks fot the input on the triplets, got ImodiumAD in them and meds for ecoli and they're doing much better. Now another sick goat. Some of you folks may remember me posting on the Goatshed about a doe with respratory problems.Wheezing , coughing, pneumonia, you name it, she,s had it and been treated for it. Had the vet out to see her and he says she has scar tissue in her sinus cavity and short of surgery ther was nothing to be done. this was a couple weeks ago and now she's very sick. Gasping for air, saliva and foam at mouth, can't eat. 10 days from kidding. Vet says it's the pressure on her lungs from the kids. Called another vet, she can't come out, but prescribed Naxil. No improvement. We can here the fluid in her lungs with the stethescope and had already gave Her la200, goat serum, vitamin B and even a shot of epenephrine to help her breathe, nothing is working. She's had chronic respratory problems for a yr at least and we had already decided to cull her, but I would sure like to be able to get her thru this kidding alive and not suffering. Between the vet that saw her and the 2 that we,ve consulted with I'm getting nothing but hookie, which IMO meens "gee, I don't know" so any input would be helpful. thanks, Judy

-- Judy Corwin (corwinsusa@nescape.net), April 02, 2002


Judy our 12 year old died the very same way, as she progressed in the pregnancy she was having a more and more difficult time breathing. I was tempted to see if she would use my breathing machine for my asthma! Anyway she made it through labor but afterwards went into respiratory distress, she sounded like she was breathing under water. It wasn't her lungs but was her heart. Congestive heart failure. I would schedule a C-section, get the kids out now and put her down. Has she been tested for CAE? Like pneumocystic pnemonia in HIV positive humans, interstesial pnemonia in goats is classic symptoms and what usually kills does who are CAE positive. Good luck. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (Nubians) (vickilonesomedoe@hotmail.com), April 02, 2002.

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