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Who would send our troops into the mountains in the dead of winter with green camo's on? Thank God in heaven they wore ceramic flack jackets. While we are at it we should have them wave big red flags too. Give them snow whites. I want our troops to win. Not Al-Quaida.

What administration would allow the INS to issue two student visas to two dead hijackers months after they slammed planes into buildings? Anyone with common sense would have flushed them right out of the database.

Aside from bin-Laden, where is Mullah Omar? Seems like we forgot all about him. Someone is trying to regroup terrorist forces, and Omar would be a good candidate aside from many Taliban and Al-quaida that scattered into the wind and over borders controlled by tribal factions.

Is this the fault of our military? The answer is a resounding NO! Our troops are doing the best job they can with the materials and intelligence that they presently have on hand. I think they are doing an absolutely outstanding job despite errors in logistics, and porous national borders. Our troops continously overcome hardships, and prove that they are the best fighting force in the world. Our officers and military planners are among the most intelligent, and most able to do a job with a can do attitude.

It is also not the fault of our intelligence community. They jump on every lead, and examine every piece of information with a fine tooth comb looking for answers.

The problem is in trusting non-reputable sources. One faction that wants to do away another faction just basically lies to us, and we drop ordinance because we don't know exactly who is telling the truth. But we can't take chances and should not with American forces conventional or covert sticking their necks out on a daily basis.

What we need to do is start making sure who is telling the truth, and quit dropping money all over the place. Anyone would lie with the prospect of making easy gains. I say put this money in the pockets of our troops, and their families. They DESERVE it along with anything they need to win this conflict.

-- Mr. T (, April 02, 2002

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