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It's all Arafat's fault. If he would stop all this senseless violence in the Middle East then Israel wouldn't be pinning him in and keep him from communicating to stop all this senseless violence.

It's all Sharon's fault. If he wouldn't be invading the West Bank like we told him to then back off now like we are telling him he wouldn't be confused by the "double speak".

It's your fault if you are going bankrupt like 1 million Americans are doing. If you wouldn't have chased the American Dream like we told you to then you wouldn't be in debt. Now pardon us while we figure out the next big corporate tax break.

It is workers fault if they aren't working. If they spent money on a college education, and have years of professional experience then they should be happy putting high school kids out of jobs flipping burgers. Excuse us now because we have to take a big contribution from our friends at Enron.

It's homeowners fault if they get their homes foreclosed upon because they thought after 9 years of prosperity they wouldn't have to worry about their 15 year mortgage. If you don't mind we have to set your house up for public auction now so this pack of vultures can bid on it.

This is typical corporate, conservative, Republican thinking. It is anybody's fault but theirs. It's time to stop playing the Blame Game, and do something right. These people are more than happy to drop money out of airplanes, or give $600 million to a nation that lets militants and terrorists slip through their fingers. They can squander surpluses and tax money like it is going out of style, but when it comes to helping people in this nation get back on their feet they are at a total loss.

It's time to get perspectives back in focus. The American people should come first from the regular working stiff like most of us to the soldier in the battlefield doing his duty. Hopefully some of our troops were under a plane dropping money. God Bless America!

-- Mr. T (, April 04, 2002

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