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Well, Well. It seems like welfare recipients will now have to find 40 hours a week to work. If the magic work fairy actually creates jobs that is. Or if the job genie pops out of the bottle and says here you go, now your an Enron CEO, so you don't need a job. You took everyone elses money.

By the way don't try to "pigeon hole" me. I am totally independent. I will go with whoever makes the country run right. If I wake up tomorrow morning and by some mystery of fate this administration has caused 2.2% growth in the GNP, unemployment has dropped to about 3%,gasoline is 93 cents a gallon, and the world suddenly becomes the embodiment of "peace" then I will be happy to eat "crow". I heard it is quite tasty.

The Internet is like television, or other media. If you don't like what you see, read, or hear then by all means go elsewhere. I am not forcing you to come here, nor am I pushing my profiles down your throat. It amazes me that the GOP has some odd fascination to come to a forum for Al Gore. I do not rush to conservative forums just to push myself off on people who don't want to hear me anyway. Go to the news boards where euphemisms, mantras, and slogans make sense.

-- Mr. T (, April 04, 2002

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