Let me laude some Republicans

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Since people tend to think maybe that I am unfair or biased allow me to commend some hard working Republicans.

Mr. Colin Powell is the epitome of politeness, and so well spoken. The smartest thing this administration has done so far was sending him to the Middle East. He respects opinions, and treats the press well without getting upset about questions unlike others who make smart remarks regarding Russia refusing American poultry products.

Mr. Donald Rumsfeld is a power house now going on 70. He among others are great examples of how age shouldn't get in the way of progress. He gets frustrated at these briefings because if he could he would tell the press everything. When you do a good job that last thing you want to be is muzzled.

Mr. John McCaine has a heart of gold under that rough exterior. He is a "war hero" despite what you may have heard during the Republican Primary of 2000. He also championed campaign finance reform.

Mr. Bob Dole was another great Republican. He was also a "war hero", but he just couldn't crack a smile. Yet he and his wife Elizabeth did a great deal of work to help the American people.

Does that sound "liberal" to you? My heart isn't bleeding over the likes of Saddam Hussein. I just iterated what a reporter stated this morning. We don't need to be constantly reminded that the man is a menace. Unless you have an extremely short memory we all already know how "bad" he can be. It wastes the time of the Defense Department just as much as it wastes the time of the press to have to go on about such issues. I am sure Mr. Rumsfeld has enough to handle during the day thatn to have to run a press briefing. Of course the press while go on about it, but why have a breifing unless there is something to actually say? Besides does anyone think that every Iraqi citizen loves Saddam Hussein? Bombing Iraq is just as hazardous to civilians as it is to the regime in power that uses them as human shields.

All this administration had to hear was two words to get involved in the Middle East, and that was "oil embargo". They then snapped to attention and reversed a position they held for two weeks. Israel doesn't need "waffling". They need results as does Palestine.

I was born in this country, and I support our troops in the field as well as any government action that may prevent any more from being hurt in any way. I have no plans of leaving just because I have differing opinions on methods used to acheive an end. If that makes me a bleeding heart liberal then so be it. I love America, and I am NOT leaving.

-- Mr. T (workingstiff6198@yahoo.com), April 04, 2002



I used past tense describing Mr. Dole WAS a great Republican. My apologies. Mr. Dole IS a great Republican, and I am sure Mr. Gore would agree that not having him in Senate is a loss to the nation. Anytime Bob Dole would like to return to our government it would be heralded as a wonderful day in America.

-- Mr. T (workingstiff6198@yahoo.com), April 05, 2002.

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