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In the treatment of my doe Peaches we have used lutelyse twice. The first time she perked up and ate for 18 hours (not constantly!!) and then she went back to her anorexia. Now we have used lute (and a bunch of other things) and she is doing well...guarded joy on my end...:) I just want o understand why this is having a good effect on her? She didn't have a retained placenta, but she has had a bit of discharge. I don't mind if it's just conjecture, but I really am quite curious as to why this is helping. Thanks folks!

-- Doreen (, April 04, 2002


Perhaps it has helped expell something from the uterus that was causing her pain? Amber ended up, after having her eggs harvested, with a massive infection in the lining of her uterus, that wasn't showing up as fever. Not a true metritis. She also wouldn't eat or get up. The horrid thing came with the test results Saturday in the mail, wanting me to put her on Nuflor, now how would they like me to do that when they had the uterus for the testing, or perhaps they thought instead of the uterus coming from a necropsy they thought we had preformed a hysterectomy :( It would be funny if it wasn't so sad!

I am so sorry all of this is happening! Bishop gave you such nice kids! The breeding of the two of them would have been such a nice meld. Guess I will just have to come up and kidnap Bishop and use him next year on some of my does! His Dad was used pretty heavily by Price of the Field this year :) His Dam is a full sister to the doe who didn't give me my buckling from Pruittville! Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (Nubians) (, April 07, 2002.

He did throw very nice kids. I still have one buckling on the place out of my first freshener that is Alp?Togg. He is striking...kinda whacked ears! Black with frosted ears and bright white togg facial.The other two bucklings were super growthy. Looked like two month olds at one month.

Peaches is still eating and seems to be coming back to me!!! We did five days of Naxcel @5cc, the lute, making a tea out of cud and electrolytes, probios, B complex every other day, Propylene gycol therapy. yep, all at once. We'd already done the Nuflor....and what a sad thing to receive in the mail. I am sorry.

I'm sure that Bishop would be very pleased to come and work with your girls! He is such a gentle guy with me when I am working with him. I always thought that bucks would be really hard to handle, but he is a sweetie. He doesn't mind knocking the crap out of one of my wethers tho. It's okay, Flea does the same to him. They have come to kind of a manly truce, I guess. He'll be tickled to ride in your Navigator!:).

-- Doreen (, April 07, 2002.

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