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I'm looking to get bible software for my PC, windows 98. I want it for indepth study, while my wife would like it simple and intuitive enough that she can also use it. Like having mutlti windows showing at same time. Any suggestions? Thanks, Chris

-- Chris Mechler (, April 06, 2002


Chris, I've been using Bible software for nearly 8 years now, and I hear what you are looking for, something that can give you some real meaty study, but not take a tech degree to use. I've got one word for you, Libronix! It's the new software out from Logos. I have about 4 programs on my machine, and I oversee a computer lab at my church which we use about 6 different Bible programs, and everyone likes the Libronix the best for being both in depth and way easy to use. I've got people who can't even use MS Word on Libronix! And the real Geeky types love it too! I have a MDiv, and studied both Greek and Hebrew, and Libronix will do anything I learned how to do in seminary, and do it much easier. I could go on, but I will stop now. I tell everyone, bite the bullet, pay the money, and get Libronix. Email me for more details on how other products compare.

-- Ben Sprouse (, May 18, 2002.

I've been a Bible software user since 1990. I started with QuickVerse by Parsons... it was great, but now it to clumsy, too many disc to insert. Then I went to BibleExplorer. The draw back was I had to use the CD for the program to read off of. I think you still do with the latest release. It was good, a lot of stuff for the money. I then went to PCStudy. Now... it was better, much better but then... I discover WORDSearch and it outdoes them all. Try this and view the demos..... you won't regret it.

Oh, one piece of advice... figure out what you're going to use as study material. Now I use a lot of commentaries, Thompson Chain ref and some other stuff and they are all available on WORDSeach. The only thing is I tend to like Vine's dictionary and it's not available due to licensing.... but there are some other dictionaries that have taken Vine's place to my liking.

If you'd like to contact me I'll be happy to discuss it with you.

-- David (, January 18, 2003.

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