Week of April 7

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Week of April 7

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2002


Aside from any virtues they may have as printers, when I dropped off the brochure copy I was very impressed by their renovation of a 1924 brick schoolhouse.

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2002

The BOE meeting last night was excellent, at least as far as the break when I went home with Eli. Hal's budget is good: he's right on the magic 6% increase, is confident that the $ can be found for Indie expansion. Meg's civil disobedience on the stupid lunch $ issue was brilliant! We need to get academic intervention and hs/ms "monentum" $ into the budget without blowing the 6%: any retirement buyouts on the horizon to help us out? I'm willing to bet on this.....Soooo...anything notable happen after the break?


ps Tobe, your latest Doan's Deeds is excellent. Is it posted on the bb?

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2002

Doan's deeds again long version...please help shorten it for a one pager amnd email thoughts to me...deadlines looming closer and closer...huffing and puffing.

Tobe The Doan Deal

Doan's costs to the district:

Money Costs:

Year 2000 Budget failure: It is the Board's responsibility to put forth a budget. The Doan faction declined to make any budget changes to lower taxes and then worked to defeat the 2000-20001 budget they proposed. Failure of the budget meant more than a million dollars in existing and new educational programs had to be scrapped.

The Doan Transportation Deal has resulted in less flexibility and higher costs to meet daily district transportation needs. Doan wants to eliminate all Onteora-run transportation. In the past he has suggested using the bus garage to house a kindergarten.

Doan claimed increased privatization would save the district $500,000 in the first year and 1 million dollars if the entire transportation system is dismantled. Instead the costs to taxpayers included an additional $90,000 for contract-provided late runs. Contract transportation costs are expected to go up 3.5% in the 2201-2003 budget. District drivers' costs are expected to drop by 1.9%.

Investigations and Litigation costs since Doan was elected in 1999. Poley $ Erratt $ Mercer Ricci $ Mehlia $ Amy Albers $10,000 David Shaw $10,000 Feldman Report: $ Marino/Dericco costs $

Project costs:

Board misled in believing that the softball field could be properly done for $2,500 or $10,000 or $15,000 or $25,000 of $35,000 or $38,600 or…without proper preparation and following state requirements. He promised engineering services then broke his promise.

Moral and Psychic Costs - What Doan leaves in his wake: Anger Disappointment Mistrust Secrecy Frustration Sadness

Doan's Investigations and Litigation

Hiring of Special Counsel: $10,000 for "investigations." Arbitrarily removed Marino D'Orazio from the committee to oversee the special counsel.

Amy Albers Investigation of Special Education costing $10,000 yielding little of value.

Doan provided district documents to Gerald Ricci and Sam Mercer for use in their petition against the Board of Education. He is seeking to overturn the Board's approval of the lease of temporary buildings at Bennett and Phoenicia schools.

Doan supported the Mehlia petition to the Commissioner to have the Bennett School Building Project referendum vote overturned.

Doan initiated litigation with Erratt over leases and Poley paving over paving dispute: litigation costs now exceed $30,000.????IS THIS ACCURATE?

Costs for unilateral refusal to provide defense counsel for Marino D'Orazio in D'Errico Petition matter???

Doan's latest investigation plan costing $165 per hour for lawyers, with no cap and no end in sight.

Lies and Misinformation

Girls' Softball Field: Doan misrepresented the true costs of the softball field. He mismanaged the project, went way over budget, leaving an unfinished field without proper approval. Doan broke three promises to do the engineering free of charge. District taxpayers are saddled with $38,600 cost for the incomplete field without proper voter authorization or SED approval.

Secret audio tape: In June 2001, Doan secretly recorded an attorney and misrepresented what she said by playing only part of the recording at a board meeting. Doan claimed the tape backed up his assertion about a section of the law. Doan refused to turn over the unedited audio tape until forced to by FOIL requests and a board vote. The tape reveals the attorney told Doan to take the advice of the board's attorney, who would be more familiar with the particulars. Contrary to Doan's claim, she further said she didn't have enough information to give an opinion.

October 26, 1999, Joe Doan falsified information in a memo read to the public in October of 1999. In it, Doan attacked Director of Pupil Personnel Services, Barbara Boyce and her secretary Pat May. He wrongly accusing them of fronting for a private consulting firm. Doan claimed the information came from the West Hurley Board of Fire Commissioners. The Fire Commissioners repudiated the Doan statements at their December 16, 1999 public meeting. CHECK DATES>>>

Doan opposition to the Bennett Capital Project:

Unrelenting opposition by Doan to the Bennett renovation/building project. Doan spoke out against the project, attempted to delay it, actively campaigned in the community against passing the bond, and undermined the vote by passing confidential district documents to petitioners seeking to overturn the vote.

Attacks on administrators, employees, contractors, former and present BOE members:

Attack on Transportation Director, Mike Grehl, questioning his truthfulness.

Attack on nationally renown transportation specialist, questioning his truthfulness.

Attacks on 26-year district employee and internal auditor, Kathy Aley. Joe Doan and Marty Millman held an inquisition-like session in which they yelled and screamed at Ms. Aley. Shortly afterwards, she resigned from her position after 12 years as internal auditor.

Attack on Business Administrator, Dennis Geisler and all past school boards for carrying a reasonable fund balance of 5-6%.

Continuing public attacks on Superintendent Hal Rowe with efforts to interfere with him doing his job.

Doan attacked teachers with unsubstantiated allegations of taking too much time off. He searched all employee attendance records looking for wrongdoing.

Attacked Robin Sears and district health professionals. Rose Ostrander and Joe Doan bypassed the professional health staff in seeking board approval for defibrillators to be placed in district schools. True costs of defibrillators and required training was hidden from public in the rush to pass this "feel-good" proposal. The Ostrander estimate is $2,000 for each defibrillator. True costs are 50% higher for each unit and thousands of dollars in required ongoing training and certification for staff and employees.

Attacked Robin Sears and health program staff and the Comprehensive District Health Plan. Ignoring the staff health professionals Doan unilaterally invited a nurse to speak on STDs. He kept her name secret, refusing to say who she was. When public outrage forced him to reveal the name, he distributed a resume that hid the crucial fact that the nurse was on the staff of a local "right to life" program and coming to the district with an agenda promoting a religious based point of view. Doan proposed hearing from the nurse and then making a district policy banning condom distribution in the high school…even though the district does not distribute condoms. A strong public presence and reports from the medical and research community about the need for effective sex education incorporating both abstinence and sexual safety forced the Doan agenda back under the rock.

Doan attacked Randy Collins, and staff at Phoenicia school by releasing selective testing data from the middle school, and leaping to unsupported conclusions blaming the curriculum and staff.

Doan tried to get Curry removed from the Facilities Committee, because Curry dared to disagree with something Joe Doan said at a committee meeting.

Attack on rights of the media: The board majority enacted the Doan policy prohibiting flash cameras, video or audio recorders at any meeting at the discretion of the chair or the board majority.

Attacked reporters and editors of local newspapers who cover the district.

Personal attacks on present board members: Blaming Meg Carey, Tom Rosato, and Marino D'Orazio for all the bad stuff on the board, ignoring his own and the board majority's numerous bad board behaviors.

Attacked contractors who work with the district claiming they are out to "screw" the district.

Personal attacks on the District Transportation Supervisor. Doan's attacks on the district transportation system have left us with too few drivers and buses - making it difficult to make up the shortfall for trips when private contractors are unable to meet our needs.

Personal attacks on providers of after-school arts and grant-supported programs.

Doan against music and arts programs in the schools: On___Doan voted against On____Doan voted against Etc. Etc. Etc.

Delay in adding student rep to the board:

Stalled, waffled, and opposed the seating of a student rep on the board, causing months of delay in seating a student rep. Doan's and Millman's stated reason for the delay: "The board is too dysfunctional."

Rigged the political process to fill a vacant board seat:

None of the twenty-five applicants for the empty Joe Vanacore board seat ever got interviewed or considered. The board majority rigged the board seat appointment process, effectively stealing the public's right to political oversight and involvement in the political process. They appointed Rose Ostrander, the head of their political support group, CARE without any interviews or consideration of any other candidates.

More Bad Board Behaviors: Breaking meeting protocol; excessive executive sessions; hiding discussions from the public; ambushing board members with sudden motions; hijacking the agenda; excess requests for reports and action from staff:

Banning Superintendent Hal Rowe from some Executive Sessions.

Doan makes numerous off-agenda motions late in meetings with no public or board notice made. Off-agenda items stop the public from speaking to these issues during public be heard.

Numerous attempts to intimidate members of the staff.

Doan's desire for identifying "Trustee badges."

Excessive and unauthorized requests for reports and actions from district employees including staff, teachers, principals, and administrators.

Attempts to eliminate opposition voices:

Arbitrarily removed Trustee D'Orazio from committee overseeing the Doan sponsored investigations.

Failed attempt to remove Curry Rinzler from the Facilities Committee.

Attack on media: Doan policy to prohibit flash cameras, video or audio recorders at the "discretion of the chair" or "the board majority."

Removed Kingston Freeman and Woodstock Times as official papers, insuring that official notices are published in the two least-read papers in the district (Middletown Herald-Record and Ulster County Townsman)

Unilateral and unauthorized behavior:

Doan orders unauthorized water testing.

Doan twice carries out unauthorized asphalt testing on pavement.

Doan in an unauthorized and unilateral manner names himself Onteora's "agent" and applies for a grant stating the district will make available $750,000 for its share of costs. The grant application is rejected by granting agency.

Unauthorized and unilateral invitation to investigating attorney to come to a special meeting called by Doan. These costs to district $165 per hour, are not authorized by the board.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2002

What do we have on Rose?

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2002

defibrulators seriously underbudgeted and pushed in with disregard for the health professionals. Mascot heritage Part of the scheme to get appointed by rigging the process. Doan supporter. add your favorite

Last night's meeting ended in a huff...I keep tellin' ya...don't go home before old business....

Doan called for a special meeting on Thursday to talk with the new investigator, Feldman about his preliminary letter to the board about part of the investigation.

Needless to say, Doan is breathless in trying to get something explosive to help his campaign.

Our three board allies all are unavailable due to a previous SOS engagement and two birthdays...Meg and Tom...

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2002

Impressive compilation, Tobe. I would save this for a before and after, or promises and deliveries ad the week before the election. In a letter, short and sweet, with punch. Make it readable as people tend to turn off wordy stuff around now.

Great stuff for ads.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2002

Does anyone know the Six Questions the Feldman investigation is about?

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2002

Thanks...it needs boiling down, and I know there's too much detail for even an ad, but the web site (??) could have all this and more.


-- Anonymous, April 09, 2002

Here's some good news.

The pamphlets and postcards are due to arrive before the Sunday fundraiser although the signs will not arrive until next week.

Let's get some ideas floating for ad copy on positive issues for our candidates. I feel we need to get off the bash Doan train for awhile and focus more on what positive message we can offer.

Please add some more thoughts on this topic and correct me if I'm wrong. We (SOS and the candidates we support) stand for a positive and inclusive educational enviroment. Our candidates all seem to support academic intervention and stand behind a quality special ed department. And I would venture we all support funding the Indy Program and the softball field. Our candidates seem to agree on the need for more electives, smaller class sizes and BOE support for the teaching staff.

Any other more concrete suggestions for ad copy?

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2002

Here's some good news.

The pamphlets and postcards are due to arrive before the Sunday fundraiser although the signs will not arrive until next week.

Let's get some ideas floating for ad copy on positive issues for our candidates. I feel we need to get off the bash Doan train for awhile and focus more on what positive message we can offer.

Please add some more thoughts on this topic and correct me if I'm wrong. We (SOS and the candidates we support) stand for a positive and inclusive educational enviroment. Our candidates all seem to support academic intervention and stand behind a quality special ed department. And I would venture we all support funding the Indy Program and the softball field. Our candidates seem to agree on the need for more electives, smaller class sizes and BOE support for the teaching staff.

Any other more concrete suggestions for ad copy?

I will bring this up with the candidates at the SOS meeting on Thursday PM.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2002

Tobe, get me your fax number and I'll send you the text that was omitted in my previous e-mail.

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2002

Onteora in the Freeman today, with a couple of letters in response. The one from "Alice G" set me to musing that our board meetings would be shorter and more respectful if all board members were required to have their children in attendence at board meetings.

-- Anonymous, April 11, 2002

Laurel: You left a notebook at the meeting; Kathy Hochman has it and can bring it to the fundraiser, or you can call her to make an arrangement to get it.

Tobe PS good meeting..things moving forward. raise $$$$

We need volunteers to sit at the "table" at the fundraiuser...give out brochures, take money, etc. We need about 8-10 people to fill time from 1PM to 5PM...people gathering for work at 12:00 noon at Boiceville Inn on Sunday.

-- Anonymous, April 11, 2002

Freeman today (Friday) with two good articles...No to Doan's unauthorized Grant proposal and Marino's attempt to save the softball field...in the sports section...the sports article ios not online. Tobe

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2002


16 Park Drive, Woodstock 679 2528

Park Drive is off Maverick Road, about halfway between rt 28 and rt 375. If you’re coming from rt 28, it’s a left turn. It’s the 4th house on the right, a white ranch with a green roof.

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2002

Sooooo.... the brochures arrived today, and, at first glance, they looked great. On second glance, the last two lines of text of the three candidate's text blocks was missing. Were you able to open the PDF file I emailed today? That's what it's supposed to be like......But, it was the printer's error, the one down in Brooklyn who did the actual printing, and Robert (American Printing in Kingston) says that we'll have the brochures reprinted by the middle of next week, sigh.....

Despite the mistake, the preview I had was very pleasing. The graphics and layout, by Ted, are beautiful, the pics by Beth are very warm and trustful, and the writing, which I understand was the candidates with help from Tobe & Laurel, is really terrific. We will be proud to distribute them......next week.......

I printed 19 big posters to put up at the benefit. And we can hand out lots of ....postcards. I'm psyched, it's gonna be great no matter what.

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2002

I had some interesting conversations today about politics.

Former Woodstock Supervisor John Mower seems to feel that the only winner is the moderate voice. "A classic campaign..." Let the attacks come from the opposition and don't even bother to respond because it will make your opponenet look like cause of the problem. He suggests that we appeal to the people who want to move on, are moderate, and willing to find a consensus. He also mentioned that he voted for Michael Goodman last year because he felt Goodman represented a moderate voice.

UC legislator Rob Parete stressed getting out the Woodstock vote and not taking it for granted. Get out your voters.

His dad, UC Dem chairman, John Parete had similar feelings about getting out the vote. He also suggested that if the race were between Meg and Wilkens...Meg would win. He finds Wilkens to be very right-winged and that if his ideas are made public he hasn't a chance. He also seems to think Wilkens base is in Olive and that his allegiance with Ward Todd may not be as strong as some may think. He and Rob both suggested that we call Todd on his support and that may put a wedge in between Todd and Wilkens helping us in the vote.

My slant is to get out the Woodstock vote, consolidate the Olive vote against Doan and Rose due to their stance on the Bennett project, and get the new Shandaken Dems with us in order to penetrate into Marty Milman's Shandaken further.

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2002

Merg has acall into Ward Todd...since he suggested he would do what he could to help when they spoke at a recent function, she will try to have a face-to-face and see what he can do (privately, if not publicly.) We are the face of moderation...I agree that's what we want to do... let them attack...and we will have the record ready. There are those who have been asking me for details on the record so they can write letters.

Does this mean I should hold back from showing "Doan, Lies and Videotape" or "The Doan Softball Field Fiasco"? Or stop letter writing...sorry that's a tough one.


-- Anonymous, April 13, 2002

Do we have a web site yet? Onteora.net???I am almost ready to post "The Record" but need a day or twop to let everyone see it..is there a secure site to which I can post this growing list for all to see and comment on, before going public.

Carol? Neil? Can the web presence be coordinated between you two savvy web folks? I have a possible ad for this week's Wood Times...I would like to post it for comment as well. Tobe

-- Anonymous, April 13, 2002

Here's my Letter to the Editor for this week. Please critique:-)

When Phoenicia Elementary is accused of not doing their job I get steamed.

My husband and I have lived in Shandaken for 22 years and raised 3 boys. They attended Phoenicia Elementary and I’m very pleased with the education they received.

Mr. Doan and his supporters have accused Phoenicia Elementary of not presenting a proper curriculum. He suggests deceit, poor administration management and teachers not using good teaching practice. These unfounded accusations are derived from numbers and statistics taken out of context to meet individual agenda. The problems up at the middle school are real, but not because of the accusers’ reasons.

Children entering Phoenicia Elementary have more needs. They lack preschool experience and early intervention. Kindergarten screening often reveals developmental delays and learning disabilities. The state has designated Phoenicia Elementary a Chapter One School because of these needs. Mr. Doan chooses to ignore this and doesn’t appreciate the incredible work done by Phoenicia Staff to meet students’ needs and have them graduate 6th grade. Many of these kids have come a long way. They deserve praise and should not be used as a pawn in Mr. Doan’s political agenda.

The issues surrounding transition into the middle school are not simple or new. It is not just a Phoenicia Elementary School problem. The Middle School shares in the responsibility. Clearly this is why Gail Cavanaugh, Middle School Principal, is advocating vigorously for a separate Middle School that can address its own unique needs and create a separate identity. Clearly this is why IndieWorks Program at the High School is so effective and needs expansion.

I should mention that this is my 4th year working at Phoenicia Elementary as a paraprofessional. I have come to appreciate fully the professionalism and dedication of the Phoenicia Elementary staff. The curriculum is always delivered to meet Regents’ Standards. The teaching models are adjusted every year to meet a changing population. When you hear reference, for example, to Family Grouping, this model was adjusted and changed every year to meet student needs. The Family Grouping today is not the Family Grouping of five years ago! It is only one of many options offered at Phoenicia School and is very successful where implemented. The teaching approaches, teaching models and nurturing atmosphere is why there are a large number of student variances from other elementary schools.

Mr. Doan and the board majority have created a negative atmosphere by micro managing and falling short with their promises. I see no proof of his accusations and finger pointing. He and the majority ignore and polarize the school boards best ally and resource…administration, department heads and staff.

We need to bring back to Onteora School District harmony, respect, cooperation and a focus on education. When voting in May for School Board Members please vote for Marino D’Orazio, Neil Eisenberg and Kathy Hochman. Let’s bring sanity back to Onteora School District.

Melissa Rebock, Shandaken

-- Anonymous, April 13, 2002

Melissa: Good letter..a few small quibbles...it's Gayle Kavanagh...

I've made a few suggestions in CAPS in the following sentences ...context to meet AN individual agenda... MANY children entering Phoenicia Elementary have more needs.

polarize the school boards (BOARD'S) best ally (ALLIES)and resource (S) …administration, department heads and staff.

Let’s bring sanity back to (THE) Onteora School District. The teaching approaches, teaching models and nurturing atmosphere is (ARE)why there are a large number of student variances from other elementary schools.

Good going melissa Tobe

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2002

Great letter Melissa. It really is very heartfelt and well thought out.

A few comments...When you write "Children entering the Phoenicia school have more needs..." I would soften this a bit to say something along the lines of 'many students entering the Phoenicia School have more needs when compared to the other schools in the district. Many lack preschool..." I think it's a good point but I feel it's a fine line because many parents think, well not my child. It may be better to be less definitive.

I would explain the variance reference because I didn't know what that term meant until recently. Sounds like a planning board thing. Perhaps "...a large number of variances to enroll in Phoenicia from other schools in the district."

Also the "let's bring sanity back..." could be softened to be more along the lines of "let's bring civility", or "moderation or positive dialogue back".

I feel the need to be very sensitive about keeping a positive forward-looking message so as to appear to be the voice of reason and not part of the problem.

That's my 2 cents on a great letter. I owuld wait a week to send to get closer to the election date.

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2002

Would it be possible to have a preview screening of Tobe's videos before going public

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2002

We had a great fundraiser!!!

Even with such nice weather and bein a Sunday afternoon we managed to raise $1318.50 in checks and cash at the Boiceville Inn. Most of the faces were familiar and it was a nice to put so many faces together with names.

A great start and thanks to everyone for all the hard work.

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2002

Graet fundraiser..I agree with Jim...a great kick start.. Now...reality strikes.. Doan was on the Gerry Ricci show on access tv in Woodstock...He started out by trying to defend himself on the articles in the papers about softball field and his rejected grant. he gave the false impression that the field only cost $25,000 and he worked hard for three days and got it done...and how dare the "housewife" Janet Nelson say the engineering is suspect (paraphrasing, here).

He then went on to again lie that he never said he would do the plans...I called in to read freom the minutes where it said he agreed to sign and seal the plans. he again denied it, saying it was tom Rosato who repeatedly sugegsted he should do plans....Not true.

Then he complained that Bill kemble knew about the grant rejection before he did..that he never got a copy of the rejection letter before the press did...and that Marty, Rose and Greg never got them either...Time to tell Wendy she is being dissed big time...

I'll make a copy or two of the tape and make it available to those with a need to know...plus I've now got another relevant portion for the Doan Softball Fiasco tape...

Time to speak up about the scandal of Doan lying on public access as well as in board meetings.

Scandal! Tobe PS I'm so pissed i may start my own tv show entitled the truth about Doan, and invite stories from those who have witnessed his bad behavior first hand. Invite calls from those who know and aren't afraid to say it out loud.

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2002

Should have called and asked if he was registered as an engineer at the time. Then we could have him for fraud and recorded on tape.

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2002

deadlines of note:

letters all the time...every time.

Friday April 19th..internal SOS deadline for insert ad copy...We need a big full page positive ad and a back page that talks about money and the direction we want to go in. Emphasis throughout on kids and great programs. Open letter from candidiates?

Monday April 22 Ad two for weeklies due...Do we use the same one again? 4' x6"? Trust Cooperation Respect

Friday April 26th Freeman ad Copy due at their office for printing. $1023 due.

Monday April 29th. ad copy due for weeklies same ad?

Weekend: May 3, 4, 5, candidate and surrogate appearances...markets, streets, etc.

Monday May 6, weekly ad deadline...ad with more info on the candidates. 1/2 page?? Wood Times and Phoenic Times. Small ad in Townsman...1st ad for them??

Weekend May 1, 11, 12..appearances candidates and surrogates.

Monday May 13, BOE meeting...deadline for weekly ad copy...Times and Times? Full page - 1/2 page in Townsman...Same as insert side A. Open letter from candidiates? phone calls start...

Friday May 17th..Ruth Simpson show Weekend May 17-19 Appearances/phone calls lists and rolodex on the street in Woodstock?? Sunday May 19 TV appearance woodstock..Gerry Ricci has invited our candidates on again if they want it...

Monday May 20st Freeman insert delivered?? last minute calls and appearances??? On the street stuff in Woodstock??

Tuesday May 21st Get out the vote.

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2002

I just want to thank all of you in SOS ,and everyone else, for the hard work and dedication to the cause. Thanks for your support! Marino

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2002

Well...a couple of things. First. What a great event we had on Sunday!!! In my opinion it could not have gone better. We got the word out...made a great impression, and I heard we had several drive-by's by the competition that I'm sure has them scared. I couldnt be more proud to be part of this team. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it happen!!!

Secondly, we had our interviews with the Onteora Teachers Assoc. last night, and I think they went really well. We'll see, but I was very pleased, and I'm sure they will support us wholeheartedly.

Lastly, my son tells me we need 100 words from each candidate for SAC at school for the mock election. They use this as the basis of who to vote for. We need it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Just write about who you are, why you're running, and what you hope to accomplish. Include simple bio stuff in the beginning...like " I have two children, I like to hike...etc." I hope Rachel may be able to shed light on the timetable as well.


-- Anonymous, April 16, 2002

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