Facist Methods at Work(Jingoism)

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Let's talk about methods for a second. I personally don't think that Republicans as Nazis, but they tend to used methods of similar vent. They practice a fascist form called "jingoism". Jingo derives a meaning from "demon" which it represents. Republicans try to basically "demonize" any opinion that doesn't fit their form or agenda. For example, since when has the word "liberal" ment "criminal"? Liberal gets it origin fro the word "liberty" which means free thinking. The fact is Republicans don't want anyone expressing "free" opinions, so they tend to "demonize" liberals into drug taking baby killers who want the streets full of crime, and the home permeated with sin.

The plain truth is most liberals don't want to kill babies with abortion, but if one doesn't at least teach the practice of "contraception" then abortion turns into an issue. Of course the best contraception is abstinance, but facing the real world, it is very difficult to teach young people to abstain from sexual practices before marriage. But if a liberal brings up even the idea of prophalyactic use them the liberal is promoting free sex. It is not wrong in this day and age with a major AIDS epidemic to use simple methods to prevent the spread of a disease that is killing people. But this is just another jingoistic way to demonize liberals.

Jingoism also promotes the use of "flag patriotism" in the same way Nazism did with the use of "symbology". In short wave the flag, salute and don't question your leaders. Such blind faith leads us all down a road to destruction of basic freedoms instilled by such documents as The Declaration of Independence & The Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is repeatedly trampled into the dust by the Republican Party save for the second amendment which is constantly misinterpreted as we all have a right to carry a gun and shoot those who we don't like or threaten us.

The Democratic Party was founded by Thomas Jefferson who believed in the freedoms of individuals over intrusion by the government in our daily lives. Yet Democrats are "demonized" into free thinking liberal "communists" by the conservative end of the Republican Party.

The Republican Party was founded by men like Abraham Lincoln who believed no man should live under the shackles of an oppressor. So true Republicans believe just as Democrats do in the Conststitution, the Bill of Rights, & the Declaration of Independence. They also believe that the Federal Government interferes with the rights of individual states of the Union to do as they please. It is time for the GOP to get back to its roots. Referendums in many states such as California have been revoked because they just don't follow the national norm. Florida's Supreme Court called for a recount of the 2000 election, but the Federal Supreme Court interferred with the State of Florida's decision to justify it's own counts. Seems like the Republicans like to keep power centralized no matter how much they may say otherwise.

-- Mr. T (workingstiff6198@yahoo.com), April 08, 2002


You are just getting PLAIN SLOPPY NOW!

Did you quit proofing your work? I feel I have a right to get on you about this........Nothing personal of course....

-- COWBOY (floridacowrustler@hotmail.com), April 08, 2002.

I know....I KNOW!

Point taken. It is just that I get in a rush to post and leave, so I don't fully check my documents. I'LL BE BETTER IN THE FUTURE OKAY!?! 'E Plurbus Unum'.....See there is nothing wrong with using fascist terms as long as the intent is good.....OF MANY ONE! STAY STRONG & UNITED!...Having differing opinions doesn't make you a "terrorist" no matter what THEY say & Remember SUPPORT OUR ARMED FORCES! GOD BLESS!

-- Mr. T (workingstiff6198@yahoo.com), April 08, 2002.

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