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Hello. Thank you all for responding to my questions and thank you specially Vicki for getting back with me so quickly. I have learned alot about these little animals. I took her to the vet today and she (you guys were right) not a year old. Not even close. Try about a month if that. I was not happy. Not because I would have nver purchased her but because this guy is selling all of the goats and telling people they are a year old and don't need a bottle. He's full of it and if I had his name I would have him turned in. But anyway, she's malnourished. I bought goat milk replacer. (I am told 20oz. 2x a day) Does anyone have info. on how to mix? I also got her some hay, not straw and she's munching on that. He gave her in injection of mu-se? What is that? and gave me a three day supply of Baytril to give her for the pneuamnonia that she has. She got that in part from the fact she was weaned WAY too early. Luckily there is not scarring from the pneuamonia and she should recover. Again thanks for everything.

-- Wendy Hodorowski (, April 09, 2002


Wendy, does the replacer have mixing instructions on it?It should have a cup inside like a yogurt cup. I mix Purina relacer 5 cups to a gallon of water.I also mix goat milk with it 1/2 replacer 1/2 goat milk.You can learn alot here on the forum.The Mu-Se is selenium.Vicki has suggested before to give whole vitaminD milk from grocery store.Hope this helps and you have lots of fun with her,Pam

-- Pam (, April 09, 2002.

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