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My uncle fought the Nazis, and my father fought Hirohito & Tojo. You will not be allowed to sell Israel down the river for a barrel of "oil". If Israel backs out of the West Bank, and the bombings start anew then I will blame the present administration for it.

No one likes Hussein at all, but if we Christians have to betray our Hebrew brothers just so we can get rid of him then it is not worth the costs accrued. It would be like trampling everything that my family fought World War Two to preserve. Remember, Jesus was a Jew, and if you want to lead us down the road to Armageddon then keep up with the "waffling". You tell Sharon that you don't negotiate with terrorists then you turn around and tell him to pull the IDF out of the West Bank. If this is not negotiating with terrorists then I don't know what it is supposed to be. The Palestinians made their own bed, so let them sleep in it.

Arafat can come out of the hole right now, and stop this "jihad" or be rolled over by the IDF. There will not be another "Passover Massacre". We can't hold up a double standard saying it is right for us to go after terrorists who kill our people and destroy our buildings, but if Israel does likewise then they are wrong.

Try taking care of domestic issues like unemployment, and market stability first and the other issues will start to right themselves in time. Making demands will not garner respect from the nations of this world. Some Arab nations like to make promises then just break them anytime. Israel has always kept her word.

-- Mr. T (, April 09, 2002



The Arab League can start doing their part too. Tell Arafat TO STOP THIS INSANITY! Then Israel won't HAVE TO SMASH PALESTINE TO BITS. If Jordan & Egypt really want this to end then they can pressure Arafat to STOP THE BOMBINGS! It will take more than the US alone to stop this JIHAD! Maybe if we had an administration they HAD RESPECT FOR then we wouldn't keep meeting resistance. Peace in the Middle East won't come JUST BECAUSE WE WANT TO BOMB IRAQ! A few Arab nations want to tie these two situations together because THEY DON'T WANT IRAQ ATTACKED! These two issues NEED TO BE SEPARATED NOT TIED TOGETHER!

-- COWBOY (, April 09, 2002.

"Waffles" Anyone?

Let's see first this administration tries make Sharon & Israel look "bad" demanding a pull out NOW! Then they get mad when he doesn't snap to attention. Then this administration tries to make Sharon & Israel look "good" by saying they back Operation Defensive Shield after 8 more Israelis are killed on a bus to Haifa with many more wounded by yet another suicide bomber. As Mr. Sharon told Mr. Rather just the other day, we are just fighting "terrorism" as YOUR president ordered.

Mr. Netanyahu put it distinctly the other day when he said to the US Congress that there is a triple standard in play for fighting "terrorism". There is one way for democracies, one way for dicctatorships, and one way for Israel. Too bad Israel's way was supposed to be sit and take a beating until Netanyahu's speech.

I guess we who support Israel should sit back on our laurels until Iran or Saudi Arabia threatens to turn off the "oil" tap along with Palestinian protests here at home has this administration "waffling" to the Arab side again.

Constantly changing sides fools no one at all. Mr. Powell should be in Israel today instead of flying around on a tour of the world because this administration doesn't want him there yet. Mr. Sharon is backing the IDF out slowly as it does go, because you don't turn a military force on a dime.

But suicide bombings still continue. It is time to let Mr. Arafat out, and it is time for him to state IN ARABIC that the "jihad" is over & order Hamas to stop the bombings. If Hamas doesn't listen then it is on their heads. Arafat's words will be enforced as long as he means it.

Then we need to get Arafat cleaned up, properly fed, and ready for talks. Mr. Sharon should also have a good meal, and no "crow" for either side. Mr. Powell needs both sides ready to talk so food and rest are in order for all including him.

By the way Mr. Arafat will want Palestinian cuisine, and Mr. Sharon requires kosher food. Neither side will be wanting "waffles".

-- Mr. T (, April 11, 2002.

Execelllentt dicctator T!

Mr. Powell should have a NICE BIG BEEFSTEAK! WELL DONE! with no BLOOD! Mr. Sharon NEEDS a nice CHICKEN SOUP for the SOUL with MATZOH! Mr. Arafat should also have CHICKEN with SAFFRON RICE & CURRY along with a SPICY SHISH-KABOB to give him ENERGY! HE HAS a LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO! ABSOLUTELY "NO PORK"! & "NO CROW"! See I AM A DIETARY EXPERT!


-- Florida CowPokke (, April 11, 2002.


God what are you, a grammer teacher? I know it isn't a spelling bee!

-- Mr. T (, April 11, 2002.

NO! You're supposed to be.....

THE ONE WATCHING THE DETAILS! I am the one who NITPICKS you on the the way AN EXCELLENT POST, but watch your P's & Q's...

-- COWBOY (, April 11, 2002.


My GRAMMER passed on some years ago. Besides GRAMMAR has to do with sentence structure not S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G.....

OH YES! Before I forget. That "AXIS OF EVIL" speech you gave you can't remember the name of is called the STATE OF THE UNION ADRESS Mr. President SIR.....

Now to HEAD YOU OFF AT THE PASS...It's spelled CRETIN, and pronounced CREE-TIN...If you are going to insult me then do it correctly....

-- COWBOY! (, April 11, 2002.

Whatever You Say

You little green one-eyed menace. And thanks for stealing my thunder, but I am glad I was not the only one who noticed the someone had trouble remembering the name of that speech...Mr. Gore has an excellent memory for those "little" details....

-- Mr. T (, April 11, 2002.

That's Address!

By the way, Mr. Semantics & Spelling it's the State of the Union Address with 2 D's...Gotcha!! Shalom & see you tomorrow. I have to go now...God Bless America! God Bless Israel! and may Allah bring Peace to Palestine!

-- Mr. T (, April 11, 2002.

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