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When I asked for Ivomec at the feed store they didn't have it in. I let the guy sell me Zimectrin instead because the label says it is ivermectin paste-- 1.87%. Am I going to be able to worm my goats with this ? I can't find a way of determining how much of the tube to use per animal. I'm not having good luck finding goat supplies where I live. So for the next time around I'm ordering ahead of time from Jeffers! The whole tube will treat a whopping 1250 pound horse but I don't know if I should break it down into lbs. or what. Definitely in over my head on this one. Sorry about asking SO MANY QUESTIONS this week! Kathy

-- Kathy (, April 10, 2002


Most people say to use two to three times the dose per pound that you would use on a horse. There are marks on the syringe plunger, for a 100# goat use 300#, etc. Very hard to overdose them. Hold their mouths shut a minute or two aftre dosing so they don't spit it out..... Regards,Julie in OK

-- Julie (, April 11, 2002.

Julie's guess is as good as it is getting. The Ivermectin we use is 1%, this is nearly twice as much percentage wise, but I still would double the dose. Use up the tube, but then you are right, order your drugs and wormers ahead of time through Jeffers. And always feel free to ask questions!!

This is probably the typical kind of post that I get everyday in my email. I have to tell you that this is the reason we have such worm resistance to all classes of wormers. Back in the olden days :) we use this tube called TBZ paste, a white wormer, and we were told to give, good size goats, a toothpaste amount :) So a good size goat for me was 100 pounds, little did I know until I got my Nubians that a good size Nubian is 165 pounds. And how much exactly is a toothpaste amount, a small blob or how they show on the TV with a big swirly line all the way across the brushes that would gag me :) That is why I think it's important to use the exact formulations that are known by studies on goats, since there are so few, on our goats, so we aren't guessing. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (Nubians) (, April 11, 2002.

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