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This came to me on a newsgroup under the heading "What to do about California's 50 cal. gun ban."

Buy strong plastic plumbing pipe and end caps. Take to good location. Drill out hole in ground to insert pipe vertically so the minimal cross section is exposed to surface metal detectors. Insert rifle, pistol, ammunition, trammel net, snare, traps. For delicate metals grease is used on disassembled rifles. For quality rifles such as a robar sniper rifle completely made out of stainless steel and completely coated in rust proof NP3 the grease is unnecessary. You could also bake GUN-KOTE from Brownell's onto the hunting traps as a form of permament antirust dip. I don't know how much damage this will do to the animals ability to smell the trap but you can always smoke the trap later and redip with parafin wax to mask the odor. The gunkote will permanently prevent rust however which is good for long term storage. Insert TRAMMEL nets; don't fool yourself soon you won't be able to buy one of these either. Glue on end caps with abs cement. Bury and remove all surface trace of disturbed ground.

DO NOT BURY THIS ON ANY PRIVATE PROPERTY LINKED TO YOU OR ANY OF YOUR ACQUAINTANCES. NEVER BURY IT IN YOUR SEPTIC SYSTEMS. These places are standard primary search areas in the DEA's training manuals. I hate drug dealers and could care less about them and drug users. However, what the DEA knows and uses all other law enforcement knows and uses as well. You have to bury it in a God forsaken part of the wilderness and make sure you are able to remember somehow exactly where it is. I don't recommend using GPS to locate it. GPS transmissions are moniterred and is the basis of the new subdermal human ID computer chips by Applied technologies in Florida. Although noone will know who is using the GPS where you are, probably you will be one of the only ones using it at that wildernes local at that time and if I were the government I would log all the transmissions as suspicious for future investigation by Law enforcement teams with metal scanners to dig up GUN CACHES. DON'T USE THE GPS UNITS TO BE ABLE TO LOCATE YOUR GUN CACHE TUBES. BE smart be safe be very very careful and remember where you place the stuff the old fashionned hard way. This is how the Viet Cong and French Resistance in WWII cached their weapons. The Viet Cong also booby trapped their caches with pit vipers tied at their tails and hanging from the ceiling at face level in the dark for American troops searching their tunnels in the dark among other unpleasant surprises.

It is not just your guns that are going to be banned. Traps and snares are being regulated into oblivion as well by the tree hugging and animal loving American media networks and the likes of time magazine. Gill nets and Trammel nets are also being demonized and outlawed all over America and the world. Despite what people will tell you it is possible to buy trammel or gill nets in any size you want like 25 yards long 5feet deep with 12 inch walls and 3inch or 2inch mesh for under 100 bucks. If you do buy one do the rest of us a favor and don't use it except for emergency survival purposes since they are illegal and the media will jump on the factory and the rest of us and accelerate the innevitable complete banning of these beautiful nets. Fish and Game officers regularly float on board boats down all waterways looking for any signs of hunting trapping or fishing that they can arrest people for. Things they look for are string or rope tied to anything indicating a fishing trap or net underneath, people fishing so they can interrogate you, sounds of gunfire so they can interrogate you etc., stupid people using stupid techniques that are easily detected such as shining lights over fields at night to detect animals especially deer by reflections in their eyes, they also look for fishermen doing this so they can arrest you, they look for bait and salt licks etc. They also listen to other hunters and fishermen who are all to eager to turn each other in. Hell, the fish and game officials are members of the hunting clubs. It's not because they like you as hunters. It's just the infiltration practice employed by all branches of law enforcement against its target victim group. The warden is treating you like the DEA treats drug dealers by planting moles or informants among the criminals.

At the shooting range in California police have bothered me while zeroing in my rifle. They took my rifle from me and pulled the magazines out and pushed rounds in to make sure it wouldn't take one more than ten and checked the firearm for any other item they might arrest me for. They also interrogated me about what else I have at home like magazines. They obviously are being sent to the rifle range by the government for this purpose pretending to just be customers.

People I meet in California tell me that they are happy about gun control and are very upset that other states like nevada are still to lax. They tell me not to worry for they will carry the political righteous war over to the other states and do what is right all over America till you can't buy anything anywhere in america. Moral is that the Californian UC Berkley type citizen is not content with his or her own utopian state but demands to transform the entire country.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit farm (LITTLE@how to bury your gun .com), April 11, 2002

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