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What have you experienced goat keepers found are the type of worms that affect goats more than others? And are there wormers that work better on some types than others? Is Safegaurd the LEAST effective?

-- Lynn (, April 11, 2002


Ours are hemoncous, blood sucking worms, almost always. Have seen stongides, and of course tapes. It isn't that Safeguard formulation works any worse or any better than other wormers on different worms, when it was made. It is that Safeguard and Panacur which are the same drug are so closely related to TBZ thibenzasole, and it was so overused in the past that it is no longer on the market. Even when it was used, towards the end it was purchased as a salve for ringworm and only used as a wormer by good ole boys :) Like combiotic, it done wore out it's usefullness. In parts of Texas, like less than 2 hours drive from me, Ivermectin is all but useless. So it depends who you bought your animals from and what is working in your area. Cydectin works everywhere since it is a new drug, no worms have gotten immune or resistant to it, but they will, maybe next year or maybe 10 years from now. I am just not going to use a pouron orally until it becomes necessary. Learn to fecal or take fecals to the vet at least once in awhile to find out what you are dealing with. Lots of folks who fecal are also using wormers in tandom, Ivermectin and Valbazen at the same time. Their is a cocktail to use during freezing weather that is Panacur and injectable Levamisole given orally, at the same time, not mixed together, it has a 99% kill, this came from Dr. Craig at Texas A&M., to bad we didn't have any freezing weather to test it on :) Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (Nubians) (, April 11, 2002.

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