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I have a coming 2 yr.old doe who aborted early this morning. My guess is either she got thumped by another doe or perhaps it was just one of those things. No change in feed or management, doe appears absolutely normal - good appetite, is active, bright eyed, etc. The only new goat on the place in several years has been a buck kid I bought last year as a bottle baby, he hasn't been bred to any doe (except for his dam, of course) other than the doe who aborted this morning. So I really have no idea why this happened. The doe was bred in Feb, so wasn't all that far along. The fetus appears to be normal.

My big question is she still has "stuff" hanging out her back end and this being my first experience with a doe aborting, I'm not sure what I'm seeing. I thought she looked like she would lose a second fetus, but after 9 hours, there's still nothing nor does she appear to be in any distress. Nor has she passed an afterbirth to my knowledge. This early in a pregnancy, how do I tell if she's retaining another fetus, retained the afterbirth or not? Should I give her antibiotics, have the vet check her or ?

-- Lenette (, April 11, 2002


Lenette, If nobody answers you shortly go try They have a 911 volunteer setup where you fill out a form and someone will call or e-mail you ASAP. I had to use it myself last night. I would think over 9 hours is a long time for an open birth canal. A lot of bacteria could work itself in in that amt of time. I wish I could help you but there are others here with FAR MORE EXPERIENCE than me!! Good luck and try the 911!

-- Kathy (, April 11, 2002.

Lenette, are you sure she was only bred in Feb? A 2 month abortion would only be a wet tail, certainly no fibours material, and no fetus that would be distingishable (sp) It would take nearly a 3.5 to 4 month pregnancy to even know that it was a goat kid. Early abortions are usually more large shrimp looking, and a 1 month abortion I saw the fetus was the size of my little finger. If it was a 2 month abortion their also wouldn't be a placenta like you would think, but just tissue. How large was the fetus? Bigger than the palm of your hand and she was alot further along than Feb. So yes I would put her on antibiotics, penicillin since she didn't clean. I would also watch her for fever, does she have milk? I would see if the vet would give you a shot of oxytocin, but you can't give it past tommorrow afternoon as her cervic will have shut. So you may be stuck with just giving penicillin, or bo-se shots, massaging the uterus, and milking her if she came into milk to release her own natural oxytocin in her milk let down. Good luck with this and please get back with us! Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (Nubians) (, April 11, 2002.

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