Spring finally came to Montana,,,,,,to stay?

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Hi all,,Old man winter sure hates to "let go" and move on here in Montana,,,seems to take forever. But now that it has,,things are poppin!..It is like a shot of Spring tonic,,makes everyone feel like a new person...does me anyway. I still have some stored Sassafras roots to make real tea with,,sent to me from a Countryside friend back east. I can't find any out here,,,

I am originally from back east,,West Virginia is my home..am a transplant out here. I have plans to return ASAP..to WV,,hopefully this year,,at least an extended trip and look for a place. If all goes well, I will move soon after,,,Am also looking at KY and TN..but really want to go home to WV,,Any of you from those areas? Love to hear from you,, Enjoy your day,,Patsy

-- Patsy, MT (cozyhollow-gal@care2.com), April 11, 2002


My area here in Mich. we just went from winter to summer!! It was hot here today--60 F....But one of the things today was to chip away at the ice on the north side of the barn...so as to get that door open..

-- Jim-mi (hartalteng@voyager.net), April 11, 2002.

Spring here too. All the frost hardy stuff is popping up. I'm just dying to get a garden planted, but I'm selling my house in town so we can get back to the country. Now that the weather is good I'm replacing all the trim on the outside of the house. I painted the house last summer. I am also painting some and replacing part of the trim inside. Had to wait till it was warm enough to run the swamp cooler on vent since paint fumes make me ill. The house is a HUD fixer upper that was rented to a family with boys and dogs before it was repoed. Lots of work yet to do! Hoping to get a little help soon, I have to replace all the sheetrock in one of the bathrooms and can't lift it by myself. Fun.

-- kim in CO (kimk61252@hotmail.com), April 13, 2002.

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