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I have two pregnant does, both due to kid approximately one month from now. They both are getting big, one is huge, and she has been since early in her pregancy. I was in the pen outside with them yesterday and they played and ran for a couple of minutes and then they were huffing and puffing. They were breathing hard for quite a few minutes. IS This normal? They are not fat, can feel ribs good. The doe that got huge early in pg, is so big it looks like she has three or four babies in there. The other doe is not all that large, she was breathing the same way after exerting herself. This is my first time (can you tell). I worry about them all the time, can't wait for babies... Barbara

-- Barbara (, April 12, 2002


Barbara, Yes, that's normal. I have one that gets huge in early pregnancy too. She due next week and can hard walk up the hill with out puffing hard. All those babies (she looks like she big enough for 4 also) in there take up alot of room. I noticed hotter days she huffs and puffs more and lays around and moans and complains to anyone that will listen to her. We both will be glad when these babies are on the ground. Happy Kidding with yours.

-- Pamela (, April 12, 2002.

My fatty doe gave me one good sized-not huge, though- buck kid and my little bony girl gave triplet does. Guess it's like us, some show early and lots and some don't much at all. Our fatty definately had more trouble breathing, but the weather was warmer for a couple days for her. Anyway, hope your kidding goes great Barbara! Cara

-- Cara Dailey (, April 12, 2002.

I huffed and puffed like that when I was pregnant, too. lol. My biggest doe in Texas always looked pregant. When bred, she got huge fast, always looked like she was carrying several, and always gave one big kid. lol. Her twin dropped kids once when I had no clue she was bred;)

-- mary (, April 12, 2002.

Thanks to all who helped, you have put my mind at ease. Somewhat lol, the closer I get to kidding day the more nervous I think I will get. At the same time, I cannot wait, so anxious. I have got some of my family waiting on pins and needles too. Its a beautiful spring, I just cleaned out the barn and my girls love it.... Thank you everyone again

-- Barbara (, April 13, 2002.

Hey im a first year too Barbra! I have to wonderful does that are pregnant!!they r due in ?March?(cant wait)!!......if they would have triplets or more and they didnt have much of a bag would i have to bottle feed the babaies or could the doe still support them?? goats alwasy,brandon

-- Brandon Loulou (, December 19, 2002.

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