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Hello, i have a question or two for vicki and anyone else who wants to throw in thier opinion. I was up until the wee hours reading the archives but i still have questions. I am pretty new to goats still, only had them about two years. They have never been vaccinated for anything - that i'm aware of. So i do some reading and decide that they need to be vaccinated against tetnus, and the...what is it? perfringes c and d, they need to be wormed and probably treated for lice. i don't know that they have it, i can't see any critters on them but they rub alot and in some places have rubbed the hair off. first question is i bought this stuff called clostridium chauvoei-septicum novyi-sordellii perfringes type c and d bacterin toxoid ( what a mouthful ) how much of this should i give month old nubian kids? and does this vaccinate against tetnus? i bought some very small bottles of tetnus for the babies when we disbudded and castrated, but it is only good for 30 days i think. what good is that? at that rate won't they have to have a shot every month? What i really want to know is can i do all these things at once? should i space them out? what EXACTLY do i buy for long term tetnus protection? i know on the tetnus they are vaccinated twice, then a yearly booster. is that correct? and with the lice you retreat in 21 days, what about the perfringes c and d? one dose? any followup? And, can the kids continue to drink the milk after i do all this? Oh I also want to treat them for cocci, at least once a year in the spring. Thank You to anyone who answers me!! We really don't have a good vet in the area, lots of good horse vets but no one who is willing to work on goats

-- Don and Susan (, April 12, 2002


I'm a novice next to Vicki but I can answer some of your questions. The C&D treats enterotoxemia (overeating disease) and the T stands for Tetanus. You can purchase this in a combination vaccine, Bar Vac being the most common brand. Usually kids get a couple of these four weeks apart and then a yearly booster. Kids can safely drink milk at any time following the injection. I treat kids for coccidia at around six weeks, though many breeders start at three, since it takes three weeks for the coccidia to build up in the system. Hope this helps until the MASTER posts!

-- Lynn (, April 12, 2002.

Isn't the archive interesting? I "gobbled" it all up as fast as I could. Now I find myself wishing there were more new posts to read, since I've read nearly everything on this forum LOL!

Don/Susan, you may find a nice vacc. schedule page at Fias co Farms site to bookmark: Also, Saanendoah's site; has a lot of great info to read and reread and bookmark.

It's comforting to know there are folks out in the ether, who've spent much time creating pages and pages of goat information to help folks like us!

Wendy Hannum

-- wendy Hannum (, April 12, 2002.

No your vaccine does not contain Tetanus. And if the bottles are glass tiny bottles of tetanus it is probably antitoxin not toxoid? Anti-toxin is given for wounds, is short term protection in that it doesn't build immunity, for when you disbud a kid who has no vaccination history in his mom. Toxoid is a regular vaccination, in which you get long term immunity. Honestly just purchase the Bar Vac CD&T from jeffers or the like or any other brand that contains just the CD&T. Later on your may want to use Covexin 8 or the like if you find you have some of those problems (redwool, blackleg etc.) no sense in giving all this when they don't need it. Now....if you aren't going to change, give the multi vaccination like the label reads for sheep, and on the opposite leg or side give Tetanus, but not tetanus antitoxin.

Because the moms weren't vaccinated before they kidded the kids receive very little entertoxemia or tetanus immunity from them, since most animals who get it die, hard to give immunity to your kids if your dead :) So we vaccinate. Now you are going to disbudd or castrate. You really can't expect a vaccination to work immediatly, in fact my vet says the vaccination doesn't work until the second shot at 21 days. So if you are going to disbud which makes a gaping wound into the kid, you give the 1 and 1/2 cc of antitoxin, which is for immediate immunity, will keep them from getting tetanus, which kills in exactly 21 days. So in one leg you give the antitoxin and in the other you give their Toxoid vaccination, and I am talking in circles and confusing you when it is very simple :) You can also purchase tetanus toxoid for long term immunity by itself.

With these kids especially mark on the calander and do not miss their 2nd booster vaccinations at all, do them in exactly 21 days. If you are giving the first shots at 2 weeks when you disbudd you may want to also do a 3rd booster vaccination 21 days after that. And yes if you don't show and don't bring in alot of stock yearly booster are fine. We boost before they are bred and 3 to 4 weeks before they kid (I don't write it down, I vaccinate when they start to udder up). Yes repeat any lice treatments, and don't forget the bedding in 21 days. Cocci prevention is not needed in adult animals, they have their own immunity to it by repeatedly having small cases of it. Here in the south you are stuck using cocci prevention, helping the kids along with cocci prevention, we use sulfas.


If these were my kids........I would disbud and castrate at 2 weeks old, in one leg or in their side, I would give them 2cc of Bar Vac CD&T and in the other side I would give them 1 and 1/2 cc of Tetanus Antitoxin, worm them and give them 5 days of sulfa by mouth. In exactly 21 days I would give them a booster of their Bar Vac CD&T, reworm them and recocci treat for 5 days with a sulfa by mouth. I would repeat all of the above in 21 days more since their first shot of their CD&T was give so young.

In my kids that are born with moms who have received their vaccinations before they kidded, I disbud at 1 or 2 weeks, and then I sulfa, worm and CD&T my kids at 3, 6 and 9 weeks. By 12 weeks the kids are eating grain with a cocci med in it, they are wormed if they have fecal egg numbers that show they need it, and they don't receive another CD&T vaccination until they are 6 months old. Then we put everyone on the same schedule, bucks and does, you get a booster of CD&T before breeding season, and the day you kid, bucks get their the 1st kids of theirs on the ground. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (Nubians) (, April 12, 2002.

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