Picking Up The Pieces in 2004

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Now it is time to consider how Mr. Gore will clean up the mess that is left of the world after he wins in 2004. If there is enough mess to clean up that is...

First comes mending fences which is what he is already doing now in Tennessee. Next comes who will be Vice President. I think Mr. Lieberman should stay in Congress in the Senate where he can do the most "good". How about Hillary Clinton? No, she is also in the Senate and we need her there right now, and in the future. Let's see...hmmmmm...Who are we already paying right now who has a lot of time on his hands, and is already experienced in presidential affairs.....hmmmm....I Know! Bill Clinton! The 22nd Amendment says he can't run for President again, nothing about being Vice President at all! God I feel like a genius here!

Just think Mr. Gore. You can order Bill around for a change! Plus we will just give Ms. Clinton an extra big frying pan to keep him out of trouble. You know he can't help that women find him attractive, but it's time for the "lady's man" to start acting his age. (Sorry Sir). You want to mend a big hole in the fence and give the American people hope again the all we have to do is bring back the man from Hope Arkansas.

He gave a moving speech to the National Jewish Democratic Council on Thursday, and he would be perfect to take care of those nasty problems in the Middle East!(They LIKE him) It would be like having two fantastic Presidents AT THE SAME TIME! One can handle domestic issues, and the other can handle foriegn affairs. Our nation would grow by leaps and bounds!

-- Mr. T (workingstiff6198@yahoo.com), April 12, 2002



THAN HAVING A NITWIT THAT RUNS AND HIDES IN A BUNKER AFTER HE CAUSES MORE DAMAGE! So we have to keep the VIAGRA away from him. BIG DEAL! AT LEAST WE WILL ALL BE WORKING AGAIN! It would be nice having two men in the White House that can remember that SPEECH you give in January has to do with THE STATE OF THE UNION. It would also be nice to have two people WHO WON'T NEED THE HEIMLICH MANUVER AFTER CHOKING ON FOOD!

-- FLORIDA COWBOY! (floridacowrustler@hotmail.com), April 12, 2002.

My Dream Cabinet is a BiPartisan BrainTrust!

If we could cut the petty squabbling, I would like to keep both Mr. Powell, and Mr. Rumsfeld. No use throwing out the baby with the bath water. I think that Mr. Rumsfeld would find the new freedom to do as he pleases in Defense without covering it up for the American people refreshing, and Mr. Powell would find the extra lee-way in the State Department very liberating. The rest you can throw out the door, especially Ashcroft. We could also bring back Bob Dole for the Commerce Department, and his wife Elizabeth for the Department of Labor(we may have to beg there). I believe a mixed cabinet will do us the most good, and that's what I have so far. I say go on intellect and experience like FDR did, and to hell with party affiliation. So there!

-- Mr. T (workingstiff6198@yahoo.com), April 12, 2002.

OK! Let's Go further then...

Then how about BUSH SR. as CIA DIRECTOR? You have to admit he IS GOOD AT IT! That also GETS ONE MORE PERSON WE ARE PAYING ALREADY BACK TO WORK! We can move ROBERT REICH to Transportation. Of course STEPHANOPOULIS is Press Secretary. Put RENO on HEW, that will force compassion into her or drive her NUTS! One way or the other. YOU SAID PICK THE BEST PEOPLE FOR THE JOB!

-- COWBOY! (floridacowrustler@hotmail.com), April 12, 2002.

Get it Right!

Don't put Reno on HEW. You have to pick the right spots too! Reno goes to Homeland Security or the NSA. She's good with that riot stuff in case we get Arab "terrorists" hold up in a building. We can put Mrs. Gore on HEW. That way we can get double the work from the First Lady, Dum Dum...We are trying to cut costs too Remember?

-- Mr. T (workingstiff6198@yahoo.com), April 12, 2002.

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