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My Rogers lived in Montgomery Co. NC from 1779-1823 or so. After that period of 18222-23 they are found living in Carroll Co. TN. We have many wills, court documents to support that they not only came from Carroll Co. TN but had lived in NC and all their friends, neighbors were the same as those they had back in Montgomery Co. NC including the surnames of Greens, Rowlands, Liles, Lipes, Edwards, Fields, Cox, Coopers and etc. who all were from Montgomery Co. NC as well west of the Pee Dee River in what is now known as Stanly Co. NC. My Rogers lived near Riles Creek, Curltail Creek, and Long Creek.

After having moved to Carroll Co. TN from NC our Rogers named many of their children with middle names of Alexander Gray. I find that I am not familiar with that name, except have read of an Alexander Gray from Scotland. I don't know if we were related to the Gray's but it seemd to be an important middle name within our Rogers line. Perhaps an Alexander Gray lived in that Montgomery Co. NC region that is now known as Stanly Co. NC back when our Rogers lived there, was my thought, and as a tribute to him, named many of their children for him. If anyone has knowledge of an Alexander Gray of Montgomery Co. NC in the 1820 period or before, please post here and maybe I can find the connection to our line as well. Tina Rogers Beller

-- Tina Rogers Beller (, April 13, 2002

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