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Dear friends! Those who were luck enough to attend our silver jubille meet last year,had a fantastic experience of going to our good old students days.Inspite of our herculian efforts,only 15 were lucky to attend the meet.I would like to suggest,to have a mini reunion in Dec 2002.Try to rope in as many as possible.Send in Your suggestions.Keep in touch.------SRIRAM.

-- G.Sriram-Karaikal (, April 13, 2002


Dear Sriram, I am sorry I could not make last year. I shall definitely make it in December. Have you any suggestion about the possible dates? Here the schools close after the 13th December for Christmas. So I suggest any day after that. What do you say?

-- chandu prasannan (, April 14, 2002.

Why not? Why don't we meet this year? We'll call it the 76ers Catch- Up meet! As always the JIPMER Alumni Association has its Annual meet every FIRST SUNDAY OF AUGUST. This year it's gonna be - 4th August. If you all agree, I'll make the "arrangements" at this end. What say you?

-- Gautam Roy (, April 15, 2002.

HI! Chandu,then it shall be in december2002.You fix up the date to your convenience.We will name it as CHANDU'S REUNION-1976.Myself and Gautam will try as usual to wakeup as many of our sleeping! always busy!!! batchmates,by bubarding with repeated e-mails and phone. Gawty! I will be there on 4th August.Tell Vasu also.I wil try to get as many as possible from my side.You should put the latest updated copy of our batchmates adress in this BB.I have e-mailed 1976 BB page to about 20 of our classmates,with the request to join in.I hope they join us.Try to convince Prakash,Hema,Jagu and others to join the discussion-------SRIRAM

-- G.Sriram-Karaikal (, April 18, 2002.

Thanks Sriram. I have tried to contact some of our batchmates just for communication but none of them have still responded. Wonder why? May be they want to put the past behind them and don't want to waste time remembering the past. What do you say?

-- chandu prasannan (, May 03, 2002.

Dear Chandu! I fully agree with you ,but we should keep on trying to rope them in.Have you made arrangement for your visit to december.Tell us the exact date,so that we will keep ourself free.My sinsiere regards to all your family members.--sriram

-- G.Sriram-Karaikal (, May 08, 2002.

Sriram, I havent fixed the date yet as it is subject to my mum's visit to US. Lata, my sister has had another son (second) few weeks back. So a lot is happening at the same time. What other news from work and friends? I saw Kannathil Muthamittal, a manirathnam film. Madhavan is impressive. You must be too busy to see movies. But if you get a chance see it, if you haven't already seen it. Will keep you updated. Regards to all

-- chandu prasannan (, May 10, 2002.


-- T.L.VASUDEVAN (, June 10, 2002.

dear chandu, sory for not replying earlier.i am game for a trip to pondy any time any year any number of times.if you combine with our junior batch re- union then you would meet lot of people.i had just been to hyderabad for a conference where met ananthakrishnan,dinkar,and few others.rameshwas very keen to meet again when we met last time.we remember our old days and all of you all the time,it is just we are not very computer savy.sorry again, keep in touch. love purnendu

-- purnendu roy (, September 26, 2002.

Hey, we did have a small reunion of sorts when Chandu & family was here. Vasudevan, Parkash Chand, Sahoo, Sriram and I - all with family had a wonderful evening on 23.12.2002. I hope Chandu gets to put up thiose snaps taken that day. Those of you who are logging in please note - our next big get- together will be in Cochin, either 2005 or 2006 Decenber (confusion as usual in our class!. We'll have to confirm it with G. N. Ramesh, who will be doing the donkeys work for the meeting. So look awake all of you.

-- Gautam Roy (, January 02, 2003.

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