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Here on Harper Hill Farm, the kidding season finished up on Saturday at 2 AM. Lauren was 7 days overdue and had a BIG girl. I don't think I'll let my does be that late again.

Grand total is 6 bucks and 7 does born from 10 mothers. We had mostly singles and 3 sets of twins. Next year, I'll try flushing the does.

We lost one baby buck, sold 3 obie wethers and an obie doe. Remaining in the kidding pen we have 2 saanen/alpine cross does and 5 american oberhasli girls, and 1 oberhasli buck that will be our new stud for fall.

I think I'll go take a nap now.

How's your kidding season?

-- Charleen in WNY (, April 14, 2002


Hi Charleen. We've reached the end of kidding season together. Two of my nigerians delivered singles also, though one was a first freshener. I just had twins go off to their new show home yesterday - the most docile kids I've ever seen. But my almost week old white doe and a stunning black buck who's three days are holy terrors! They run me ragged around the pens trying to catch them. But again, their moms are lively too. If you know of anyone looking for a registered ND doe kid, let me know. Looking forward to summer and barn/fence repairs. And hopefully getting the polydome super hut!

-- Lynn (, April 14, 2002.

Good thing I re-read my post. It didn't add up right.

I sold 4 obie wethers (not 3) and still have 4 (not 5)obie doe kids left. Got myself scared for a second there. Yes, I have 4 brown little hinders that squat to pee.

-- Charleen with Obies in WNY (, April 15, 2002.

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